MOVIE: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. 2D or 3D?


My wife and I had planned on seeing this movie. Tomorrow is our first opportunity and it looks like it’s already on its way out. The 2D is during the afternoon (which is more convenient for us) and the 3D is at night. I didn’t even know it was being released in 3D.

Any strong opinions on the subject?

I saw it in 2D and enjoyed it :slight_smile:

I saw it on 3d the night it came out, loved it, but can’t say the third D added that much to the story. This isn’t Avatar; it’s a CS Lewis adaptation; story is more important than critters flying at you.

If you can see the 3d, by all means, do so; but if timing is an issue, 2d would be ok, IMNAAHO.


I saw it in 2D. I find that for most movies, 3D adds absolutely nothing except a headache (literally).

We saw it in 2D. I don’t feel like there was anything missing from our movie experience. (And there was only one other person in the theater with us, so it was almost like a private showing … 3D showings were much more popular.)

I saw it in 2D. Any 3D that isn’t IMAX tends to give me a headache. I enjoyed it just fine in 2D:thumbsup:

I also saw it in 2d. I’m not a huge fan of 3d, wearing the glasses over my regular ones is not the most comfortable thing and it never seems to add that much to the movie. I can’t think of any scene where it would have added anything to the movie.

I saw it in 3D and was not impressed. We wanted to see it in 2D but couldn’t find a local theatre that showed it that way; it would have been just fine that way and 3 bucks less for the glasses.

Saw it in 3D and loved it.

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