Movie: There Be Dragons

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I was browsing about Charlie Cox on when I saw THIS. Honestly, I’m very excited, but I’m wondering how Catholic the movie would be.

What do you think? :slight_smile:

After reading the article you linked to, it does seem like it will be a very good movie. How Catholic will it be? I don’t think we’ll know until we or somebody else sees it.

These quotes are from Wikipedia so I make no gaurantees of accuracy. :smiley: Some people may find a couple of them, well, for lack of a better word, troublesome.

Joffé, who initially shied away from the project, was “ultimately intrigued by the chance to dramatize the life of a modern-day saint, particularly considering Escrivá’s ‘liberating’ view (emphasis mine) that a path to God could be found in an ordinary life.”

Joffé, an agnostic who was nominated for the Academy Award for his film The Mission which deals with Jesuits and liberation theology (emphasis mine)…

But there was also this, continuing from the last line:

…said that he is “very interested in the idea of embarking on a piece of work that took religion seriously on its own terms and didn’t play a game where one approached religion denying its validity.”

And this kind of indicates they may at least be trying to be accurate:

The Opus Dei prelature also denied involvement in the film, simply stating that the organization was asked by the producers for help in obtaining accurate information about Escriva.

We’ll see!

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