movie watcher

hello everybody, is it true that we as catholic’s are not supposed to watch the de vinci code if true why not ?

i doubt that we are “banned form them”, i mean its fiction the author in the opening pages of the book exclaims that. if you cant take it as just a fun exciting story then you need to get a backbone and stop following the crowd, jmop

I personally haven’t seen them b/c I don’t want to fund movies like this. It’s not in and of itself wrong for one to view it but it’s better to do so with an informed Catholic conscience. The problem is that it combines some truth with fabricated heresay and fiction.

One of my friends asked me why I wouldn’t see it and why I had a problem with it. After all, he said it’s only fiction. So I posed a question to him. If I made a film about the life of his mother and included some fictional info like say, she was a crack whore, how would he feel. Well, he said he wouldn’t like it one bit. But I said it’s only fictional what’s the big deal. I think he got my point.

When one takes something people care immensely about and distort its image falsely, even just for artistic purposes, one shouldn’t be surpised if others become offended.

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