I was wondering if it was a sin to watch movies regarding demons and possessions…I was always told it is best not to watch them because you are allowing yourself to be opened up…


I think it depends. I know there are movies that aren’t very good that are like your example. However, there are a few hollywood films which are very good at representing the church and its view towards exorcism and demons and such. If you don’t like watching those kind of films, then don’t

The Rite starring Anthony Hopkins is a great movie. It is not a sin to watch such movies.
The only type of movies we are forbidden to watch are pornographic ones.

I suppose it would depend on indivdual personal experience, but in and of itself I don’t really see the problem, personally I have always liked horror, suspense, thrillers and have been watching many of them for years. The Exorcist, white Noise, Amityville Horror, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Nightmare on elm street etc etc…just to name a few.

glad to know
thank you

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