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Forgive me if this has already been mentioned, I looked but I couldn’t find anything.

Has anyone seen the new trailer for “2012” the new disaster movie that depicts the end of the world? It has a section in the middle that depicts the destruction of the Vatican… and I was surprised how much it upset me. I’m not saying it’s offensive, but even a fictional depiction of the Vatican being destroyed affected me deeply.

You can watch it here: LINK

I don’t own a TV myself but indeed, it is an article of faith that in the end, everything that remains on earth at the end of the world is burnt up in an almighty fire.

Indeed, Our Blessed Lord’s words about the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem apply as much to the great and holy basilicas built under the dispensation of grace.

Awesome! I’m *so *watching this.

I can definitely understand why that would upset you; it’s a very unsettling thought. But just keep in mind that it’s just the secular world’s “what-if” type scenario. No Cardinals were harmed in the making of this film, etc. :smiley:

whistles O.O

Cool… I’ve always loved apocalyptic scenarios. They make one think that this life may not be as monotonous and ever-going as it makes out to be… >:3

Me too. I’m curious to see if those disasters are of a scientific or supernatural origin. :hmmm:

I heard it was either polar shift (sudden movement of the poles) or a polar switch (north becomes south and south becomes north) that causes the catastrophes in 2012.

Some people say it’s due to “Nemesis” which is the idea that the Sun has a sister star that’s in a wide orbit (and that’s too dim to see). According to that theory when Nemesis comes too close it causes extinction events on Earth.

I haven’t heard anything definitive though.

I thought it was interesting, and I didn’t find it upsetting, after all the Prophecy of the Popes also predicts the destruction of Rome.

Wow, this movie looks incredible.

Also, I’m concerned that the apocalypse might actually happen soon. The Prophecy of the Popes states that Benedict XVI is the penultimate one, so who knows? :shrug:

Well, I’ll definitely be seeing that movie. It looks very fascinating. I really don’t know what - if anything - will happen in 2012, but do agree that that particular year does look mighty suspicious. I guess we’ll find out soon, won’t we? :popcorn:

Shake 'n Bake anyone? :wink:

The movie does look good. (the sfx look particularly awesome:D) But lets not forget that it is a fiction scenario. No one can predict the end of the world. It may come in 2012; it may come in 3012, or it may come tomorrow. To dwell on it, IMHO, takes away from the way we should be living. Something I’ve taken from my Protestant background is that we should always live as if Jesus is coming back. I’ve sort of carried that over since becoming Catholic. It did bother me seeing the Vatican destroyed, but the first thought that popped in my head was “Would the pope and cardinals be holding a vigil on a night that was predicted by pagans as the day the world would end?” Because I was thinking, “No, because they don’t put any belief into that prophecy.” Just my 2 cents.

Good point, lol. :smiley:

Meh. Looks like any other disaster flick. The Vatican thing didn’t bother me. They could nuke Vatican City - God forbid - and the faith would remain intact.

That said, probably won’t be going out of my way to see it.

It’s the end of the world as we know it
and I feel fine.-REM

The whole Mayan calender thing has been popularised by Jack Van Impe, an adventist TV evangelist, whose church along with making Satuday the day of worship gets overly concerned with end of the world prophecies. Apparently somebody in Hollywood must have caught word of this and decided that it would be a movie with all kinds of great special effects.
Now what if the reality was nothing more than the Mayan astronomer simply got tired off doing his calculations and decided to retire and hang out at the beach instead. I have an old missal that only gives the date of Easter until 1974. Does that mean the world ended in 1974?
I have a sneaking suspicion that 2012 will be just another Y2K and we remember all the terrible disasters that happened on January 1 that year. There was a rather funny episode of “My Name is Earl” where they all thought the world had ended when the lights went out at midnight because they hadn’t paid the electric bill and they couldn’t find anybody else around because they all went to the Camden County Parade the Earl and his friends didn’t know about because they were allways too hung over on new years day to notice.
I’m sure that Hollywood would love nothing more than the Vatican and therefore the Catholic church to be destroyed but, we hate to burst their bubble. We’re here to stay no matter what they or even Satan and all his demons throw at us. Note: Matthew 16:18 and 28:19-20.

There’s one consolation - if we are all destroyed in 2012, we can’t be destroyed in 2036 by Apophis :smiley:


For the sake of discussion here, the end of the world seems pretty narrow if it’s caused by a polar shift or Nemesis. Life could still continue after a polar shift/switch couldn’t it? Even human life, I suppose. If it were truly the apocalypse wouldn’t the entire universe be destroyed?

Just thinking.

I don’t think they were having a vigil because of 2012. My interpretation of the trailer was that the destruction is spread out over a period of time. Perhaps days or even a week… So the vigil at the Vatican could be a prayer vigil for all the lives lost before that point. I’m pretty sure that if a billion or so people were killed in natural disasters there would be some sort of vigil at the Vatican.

It reminds me of the science fiction novel A Canticle for Leibowitz. SPOILERS At the end of the novel the Church was forced to flee the Earth, but the Church went on and colonized other planets. SPOILERS

Wow Really can you give me the link to this?

I second this request.

it won’t happen in 2012 but maybe in the next 3 decades?

That’s always my thought as well. Even if there’s some cataclysmic event that kills off 99% of all people, it can’t really be considered the end of the world unless it kills off 100%.

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