MOVIES: 50 First Dates

I just saw it again today:D . I’d seen it a couple of times some time ago. It’s a really cute movie…very romantic:thumbsup: . Not just that, it had an air of real, genuine love:) , he had to make her fall in love with him all over again every single day. The best part of it was that he wanted to do it:eek: :slight_smile: , so romantic, so adorable:thumbsup: .

Yes, I’ve seen the movie. My wife doesn’t normally like Adam Sandler movies, but she enjoyed this one.


Yup, thought it was very sweet (and funny).

Our older son and his wife were watching it in our house one time. Let’s see, in the first couple of minutes the Sandler character is trying to get away from a girl, jumps onto a moving jet-ski that’s being driven by a stranger, feeds stranger a line about why he needs to get away and asks stranger to make haste. Stranger asks him how his, er, male accoutrements are (he had landed rather hard on the seat of the jetski). Sandler character says, “They’re killing me.” Etc.

We asked son to change channels.


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