MOVIES: (500) Days of Summer

Has anyone else seen (500) Days of Summer? Finally opened nationwide. Liked it a lot. Very original, very spontaneous and not-what-you-think story about a guy who falls for a young woman who ‘doesn’t believe in love.’ I can’t going to say any more without spoiling it. It’s definitely a feel-good movie and definitely one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s that good.

I just really, really, really liked this movie. :slight_smile:

The Catholic Bishops Conference hasn’t reviewed it yet, was wondering what Catholic opinion is of the movie. I’m guessing the Bishops Conference will give it an A-III (Adults) for its permissive attitude towards promiscuity. There’s not much profanity and is on the ‘medium’ scale of PG-13, i.e., no nagging feeling of ‘this should have been rated R.’ So, definitely a proper PG-13.

Thanks for the review; I might go see this one soon. Some of my friends have liked it as well.

I heard great things about this movie. Michael Medved gave it a good review and I tend to agree with him. I might actually get a sitter to go see this one.

Forgot to mention: It’s also an (implicitly, albeit inadvertent) pro-marriage movie that shows the emotional toll of promiscuity. There aren’t too many movies out there that deliberately tell the audience up front, “Hey! This movie is about boy meets girl, but it’s not a love story.” I would bet money you’ll see “(500) Days of Summer” among the Best Picture Oscar nominees.

This was my favorite movie of the summer. I watched it the weekend it came out in my state, a little over a month ago.

Cool. I see it’s reviewed in the local diocesan paper here, so word’s finally getting out. :slight_smile:

My mother watched a movie review show that talked about the best movies this year so far, and from that, she recommended that I see it. So I probably am going to this weekend.

I loved this movie. It was beautifully shot and arranged, and the storyline was really refreshing in that it wasn’t a typical “boy meets girl” romance. It really establishes the differences between infatuation and love, and does a great job of showing the consequences of settling for the former.

Go see this movie. :slight_smile:

Amazing movie. As noted above, some promiscuity (no nudity, though) and some language, but deservedly PG-13. Pro-marriage/love aspect is strongly portrayed, and risks/dangers of infatuation/lust are shown.

I took my girlfriend to it and we both thought it was amazing–we still are talking about it a week and a half after seeing it!

The movie was cute but I didn’t like the ending. It just didn’t make sense. But I related as I know what it is like to break up with someone after thinking they were the “one”. Horrible pain and loss. Except I didn’t snap out of it for many years.

A thoroughly entertaining movie, very well acted and directed. One of the most unique movies I’ve seen in a long, long time. Very much fun, and funny. Some scenes of implied sexual relations, but nothing overt or particularly offensive. Money well spent.

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