MOVIES: A Christmas Carol (Disney's version)

I’m happy that you liked the newest rendition of A Christmas Carol. Like another poster said, however, the George C. Scott version (1984) is the definitive version for me. I watch it every year on Christmas Eve. And this time of year, in the days running up to December 24, it takes alot of willpower for me to not watch it every night. I don’t want to spoil the anticipation.

Rest in peace Mr. Scroo—uh, I mean, Mr. Scott.

YEs, I saw it, and I like it as well..but word of forewarning..

I WANTED to go see 2012- but my mom had a COW cuz my daughters only 5, and I guess she had already seen it, and she said there was a part with a mother and child that got killed- basically she forbid me to take the baby to go see it.

So I took her to go see the xmas movie..with Jim her request...

Great movie, your really IN it, as whatevergirl said, the BEST 3D movie I've seen so far easily.. 5 year old was nearly in tears. the first her was bad! lol...I laugh now but my poor baby!! she was, great movie, but careful with the little kids cuz it is a bit dark...

lol..when his jaw fell off and it was all hanging over the daughter SCREAMED...

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*My dh had to work today, so the kids and I went to see Disney's ''A Christmas Carol,'' starring Jim Carrey. It was great. It's in 3-d, and the 3-d of nowadays, is much more subtle than yesteryear. You literally felt like you were IN the movie, it was neat how they did that. The storyline of course stayed true to form, and I cried at the end. Aw. :o The Christmas music was wonderful too...Disney did a great job keeping this one authentic, with the 3-d giving it a nice little twist. I highly recommend it for all ages to put you in the Christmas spirit. :heart:

Anyone else see it yet?*


Thanks Whatever Girl for the recommendation!!! :thumbsup: I've always loved all the different verisions of A Christmas Carol. Maybe I'll find a way to check it out before the end of the Christmas Season.

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