Movies about St. Francis of Asissi

I’m looking for a good movie about St. Francis of Asissi. Any suggestions?

I really enjoyed Curtiz’ 1961 drama “Francis of Assisi.” I remember a lot of lurid cinematography and a touching emphasis on Francis’ simplicity and faithful perseverance, as well as some beautiful scenes featuring Saint Clare - though the film is underdeveloped in the sense that it will evoke more interest in the saint’s life than it sates.

I think there have been more movies made about St. Francis than any other saint. I remember enjoying “Brother Sun, Sister Moon” in the 1970s but haven’t seen it in decades and it may have not dated well. Mickey Rourke, of all people, played St. Francis in “Francesco” which made the Vatican best film list but which I haven’t seen.

As I child, I enjoyed watching “Francis of Assisi” with Bradford Dillman a lot when it was on TV. My favorite scene was when the soldiers of a warlord released a tiger to devour St. Francis for his missionary work, and it lunges at him and he begins hugging it and laughing as it licks his face, which causes the tiger’s masters to fall to their knees and convert.

I haven’t seen it in years, but that’s the way I remember it. I should see it again.

Dolores Hart, the actress who played St. Clare in this film was so affected by the role that she left Hollywood and became a nun. She is now Mother Dolores of the Benedictine Order in the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Connecticut

There’s also “Flowers of St. Francis,” and “Clare and Francis,” which got many good reviews for its historical accuracy.

I’ve seen “Clare and Francis” which was pretty good

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