Movies and Sin

Is it a sin to watch a movie that is considered not necessarily morally uplifting? Such as, for example, most Hollywood schlock. Possibly anti-Catholic, sexual innuendo, etc. Thanks very much.

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sin or no sin I just cant see why people sit through most Hollywood movies, let alone pay to watch them. i went to the distributeur to rent a move lately, and there wasnt one movie there I would have watched for free, let alone paid to have watched. What I’m trying to say is that there is so much better things to do with your time than watching the garbage produced by Hollywood these days. :thumbsup:

Well Tom and Jerry are not very morally uplifting, but I enjoy them. :smiley:

Be careful of what you choose to watch. Most modern boy-girl movies revolve around pre-marital sex. If you are a Christian, why watch that? There are movies, usually older movies, that present their ideas without sex, profanity or anti-Christian themes. I suggest those.

At one time, there was a Catholic group called the Legion of Decency that advised Catholics about movies between 1933 and 1970.

Incidentally, by the end of the Legion’s existence, Hollywood started to produce real garbage, followed not much later by TV. No coincidence.

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I find no sin in watching a movie but that’s me. gives catholic reviews with ratings on whether or not movies are morally offensive.

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