MOVIES: Angels & Demons *SPOILERS*

How anti-Catholic will it be?


Angels and Demons re-teams director Ron Howard and star Tom Hanks for the sequel to their international blockbuster adaptation of Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code. Although the book Angels and Demons was written before the novel The Da Vinci Code, the movie transpires after the events of the earlier movie. Hanks stars as professor Robert Langdon, the most respected symbologist in the United States, who uses his knowledge in order to decode a symbol on the skin of a murder victim. The clues put him on the trail of an international conspiracy involving the Catholic Church.

More drivel, I am sure and more reasons not to go see it. It’s coming out in 2009. Don’t count me in the numbers to go see this anti-Catholic venom.

I read the book and it was a better mystery than “The DaVinci Code”, all about nefarious activities surrounding the election of a new Pope.

According to everything I’ve read, DVC was hardly a “blockbuster,” unless that is the new word for “bomb.”

Wasn’t it a total box office flop? I remember reading many critiques that ripped the movie to pieces. Apparently Hanks’ hairstyle was the most entertaining aspect of the movie.

Why are Howard and Hanks trying again? Money? Surely there are better screenplays that both men can bring to the screen.

I can bet they have an agenda against the Catholic faith. Sad.

What will the movie Angels and Demons be about?

About two plus hours too long.

About the sad decline in critical thinking on the part of the director Mr. Howard, the actor Mr. Hanks, and any others associated.

About pandering to the worst instincts of humanity, fostered by the devil, to mock the true Faith and (long term) to deny all other ‘faith’ groups and exalt humanity as gods.

About inflating the egos of Mr. Brown, and others like him.

About confusing thousands and thousands of people, fostering anti-Catholicism, division among all Christians, by continuing to iterate falsehood as ‘truth’.

About what one would expect, sadly, in a world in which Christianity is under constant attack both without AND WITHIN.

About giving us Christians yet another opportunity to witness the TRUTH of our faith through prayer, penance, and charity. We SHALL overcome in the end.

Another chance to defend our faith and to evangelize to others. What the true Catholic teaching is.

preparing notes & pamphlet to be given out :smiley:

The critics did bash DVC, but all the controversy surrounding it prompted a bunch of people to see it… It ended up making close to 220 million dollars in the United States alone.

I haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve read both books and I found the writing to be mediocre at best (I was too stupid to consider that A&D was written by the same author as DVC after I had read it… shame on me). The characters are so 2-D that I ended up cheering for the villains in both of the novels :stuck_out_tongue:

By: Dan Brown.

From IMDB:

"When Langdon discovers evidence of the resurgence of an ancient secret brotherhood known as the Illuminati - the most powerful underground organization in history - he also faces a deadly threat to the existence of the secret organization’s most despised enemy: the Catholic Church. When Langdon learns that the clock is ticking on an unstoppable Illuminati time bomb, he jets to Rome, where he joins forces with Vittoria Vetra, a beautiful and enigmatic Italian scientist. Embarking on a nonstop, action-packed hunt through sealed crypts, dangerous catacombs, deserted cathedrals, and even to the heart of the most secretive vault on earth, Langdon and Vetra will follow a 400-year-old trail of ancient symbols that mark the Vatican’s only hope for survival.

Angels and Demons was the reclusive authors third novel after he gave up his job as an English teacher. It tells the story of Langdons brush with a shadowy secret society, the Illuminati, and his frantic quest for the worlds most powerful energy source, in the company of a beautiful Italian physicist whose father, a brilliant physicist, has been murdered.

The team behind the global phenomenon “The Da Vinci Code” returns for the highly anticipated “Angels & Demons,” based upon the bestselling novel by Dan Brown. Tom Hanks reprises his role as Harvard religious expert Robert Langdon, who once again finds that forces with ancient roots are willing to stop at nothing, even murder, to advance their goals. Ron Howard again directs the film, which is produced by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and John Calley. The screenplay is by David Koepp and Akiva Goldsman."

I cannot WAIT to see this movie!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: I think I’m going to enlist my friends shortly. You know this one is going to be stupidly bad. I just cannot wait. It’s so rare that a movie is so full of wrong.

I read Angels and Demons before Davinci and I still think that A&D was a better book. Dan Brown seems to have found his niche in incredibly complex conspiracy theories about Rome.

Move will probably do better but will still be as filled with lies and half truths.

People, if you want to kill this movie and Dan Brown’s fame, just don’t talk about it, don’t answer questions about it, don’t tell anyone about it. If you talk about it, or answer questions about it, or tell others about it, you’ll get people curious about it and than people will go see it, and than we’ll be in the same boat that we were with The Da Vinci Code - except we’ll be in a much worst sitatution, becuase the media will say the Church is evil for not letting Dan Brown film in churches (heck, the media is already making those accusions, but that dosne’t mean we should give them any more reason to continue to make such accusations).

Just pray, don’t worry, and keep silent about this film.

As far as I can remember, it seemed like TDVC did well the first weekend, then died after the hype proved more entertaining than the movie. Getting blasted by the critics at the Cannes Film Festival doesn’t do anything to help promote your film.

Don’t assume based on one of his books that most of his other books are like that. I’ve read these two books of his and they are great

You might when reading them even think they were written by a conservative which he may well be for all I know.

I haven’t read Angels & Demons nor seen Da Vinci Code (I’ve read the book and thought it was just harmless fiction but the above two books are much better IMO and IIRC don’t even mention religion). I look forward to seeing Angels and Demons one day though. But I’d be more interested in adaptations of the above two books.

After reading Angels and Demons (a few years ago; so I don’t remember the story exactly), I didn’t think it was all that anti-Catholic. Certainly not as bad as the Da Vinci Code.

I did think, though, that it was a pretty forgettable thriller/conspiracy novel, and I’m surprised that they’re making a movie out of it. I have no interest in seeing it; while the final plot twist was unexpected, it was also extremely contrived and out of left field. The camerlango’s entire storyline was just so over the top and contrived. For anyone whose interested, here it is (the whole thing is not revealed until late in the story):


The camerlango discovers the pope has a son, by a nun. Assuming the pope has had an affair, he poisons the pope, contrives a plot to steal CERN’s anti-matter bomb and place it in the Vatican, find it by a “miracle” at the last minute, and restore the faith of the world. It all goes without a hitch (despite Langdon’s efforts), and he winds up pope by acclamation (one of many mistakes made in the book). At the very end, he finds out that the pope’s son was conceived by in vitro fertilization (another of Brown’s mistakes; I don’t think he was aware of the Church’s teaching on this, because as far as I remember, this changes the entire situation in the mind of the camerlango).

Then, in the ultimate contrived plot twist, the camerlango discovers that he himself is the pope’s son, runs outside, and sets himself on fire. What makes the whole thing unusual is that the camerlango himself is portrayed very sympathetically throughout the whole book (at least, as sympathetic as Dan Brown can make a character). I left out a lot here, but that’s the gist of the camerlango’s story, bizarre and contrived as it is.

A TV show just said it is expected to be a major hit (or at least it made it seem that way).

Of course, the people behind this movie are the same people who made The Da Vinci Code. The Da Vinci Code was very anti-Catholic and caused many to question their beliefs.

How will this movie insult the Catholic Church and the papacy? Does anyone know of the book it’s based on?

I’ve looked on Catholic Answers for an article about it, but I haven’t found anything that really refutes the claims of the book/movie or that talks about it. Does anyone know of anything that could help me in regards to apologetics and this movie?

OR, if it’s not that TYPE of movie --like the Da Vinvi Code, which inlcluded many false things about Christianity, history, and the Church-- then just:


It’ll get a good size audience, and I know people will be talking about it! All I know is that cardinals are roasted alive in some churches in Rome…

Thanks. I just feel so mad and sad because movies like this fuel the anti-Catholics out there; also, these movies seem to cause the faithful to look at the Church as if it is secret and secular. It leaves bad impressions to both groups. :frowning:

Here’s a link, but it doesn’t help much:

I’m curious about this film. If it isn’t anti catholic I may see it. It could lead people to the church actually.

It is a prequel to ‘Da Vinci’, and may be less explictly anti-Catholic since it concerns a [purely fictional, of course] war between the Vatican and the Illuminati.

Anyone who spends a dime on Dan Brown’s trash or the films based on it enrich a bigot.

Ron Howard could have made his film of ‘Da Vinci’ considerably less anti-Catholic with just a few minor changes-- changing the name of the evil Catholic group from ‘Opus Dei’ to something fictional, for instance.

The fact that he chose NOT to do so qualifies him as a bigot as well, IMO-- he made his attacks against our faith more explicit to enrich himself.

The story line is about nefarious deeds during the election of a new Pope. A series of gruesome murders in different ‘meaningful’ sites around Rome. I didn’t find it particularly anti-Catholic, more about one person’s quest for power and an unconventional way of achieving it. It’s been a while since I’ve read the book but it was about some kind of code as are Brown’s other books.

I read the book and I don’t remember being anti-Catholic. I wouldn’t bother seeing the movie, though, because its got a very contrived plot and a series of strange coincidences.

Well it’s not pro-Catholic; It’s not even neutral:

Anything that has to do with MURDERS in Catholic churches gives a very negative impression on the Catholic faith; therefore, the film might be seen as “anti-Catholic” already (in this perspective).

I mean CARDINALS getting MURDERED – that’s already an emotional thing. I see those nice, old guys on EWTN all the time! Plus, there’s not that many compared to all of the other bishops and priests in the world.

You have the faithful – Catholics who know their faith and won’t let this kind of stuff [movies] harm their faith. You have non-Catholic Christians who are tolerant of Catholics and the Church.

And then you have those Christians who don’t like the Catholic Church because (1) it didn’t fit their “expectations” or it hurt them emotionally — these ex-Catholics are usually very anti-Catholic or (2) the non-Catholics believe the “Roman” Catholic Church is a dark, pagan place that is full of lies — the Whore of Babylon mentioned in Revelation.

Even if this movie is only about MURDERS IN CATHOLIC CHURCHES AT THE TIME OF THE ELECTION OF A NEW POPE, the movie will leave an impression that the Church is a dark place that is more secular than holy.

I’ve also heard things that the pope ends up having a son, and people think it’s by a nun. :frowning: :mad:

Who cares? I care that people will receieve this impression of the Catholic Church, the Church established by Jesus on the rock, Peter.

Even a TV show talking about this movie speaked of the Church as “the most influencial Church in world history…”

It’s just going to fuel up people.

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