MOVIES: Avatar (includes SPOILERS)

I don’t endorse all the material, but decentfilms didn’t cover it the last time I looked, a day or two ago.

Anime can seem new-agey, but that’s Eastern religions for you, and Harry Potter isn’t all that corrupting (any more than any other secular movie, without the book. This is from a Westerner and is aggressively socio-political, though. He also made, or had a part in an anti-pro-life straight-to-video film called “Pro-life”.

I wouldn’t support it by buying a ticket or buying a DVD copy, at least. I’d give it 2 weeks after release before renting it to avoid adding more credit to it as a hot release. It fail like Golden Compass, God willing, so let’s let that possibly happen.

FYI Decentfilms has reviewed it now - overall recommendability B+.

Thanks! Yeah, I checked today. I thought, months ago, it was supposed to be based on the manga/anime series. I wondered where the little dude was, who’s the star of it all. I guess that’s more M. Night’s movie.

I’m not going to see it, at least not pay to see it. I don’t like movies that try to portray humans or Americans as “evil”. James Cammeron can take his liberal propaganda piece and shove it.

\Anime can seem new-agey, but that’s Eastern religions for you, and Harry Potter isn’t all that corrupting (any more than any other secular movie, without the book. This is from a Westerner and is aggressively socio-political, though. He also made, or had a part in an anti-pro-life straight-to-video film called “Pro-life”.\

Who is “he”? Grammatically, the only antecedent is Harry Potter, and since he’s not even real, I doubt he’s making films or videos.

Who is who? Anyway, there was supposed to be an end parenthesis after “book”.

LOL… Avatar the Sci-Fi movie or Avatar the last air bender movie based on an anime?, its 2 different things, one is by Cameron and the other is by Chamala.
if its the last airbender you are talking about… its just basicly a kung-fu flic, and if is the sci-fi that you are talking about…well i dont care for Cameron’s politics cause i know hes a Godless lib but i am a SCI-FI buff and hes one of the masters of sci-fi, if i DL the movie illegally i would be committing a sin but i do wanna see it, if i cant find a free ticket to see it i might have to pay for one. :frowning:

Cameron’s plots are usually simplistic and cliché, yet he tries to present them as being grandiose and meaningful. He just has no sense of subtlety… at all.

I like a good action or sci-fi flick, but I’ll probably wait till this one is on Spike or TNT before I watch it.

I saw it today, and all I can say is, it was one of, if not the, best movie I’ve seen this year. Things have been a bit slow, of course, but I highly recommend it.
I didn’t see anything ‘new agey’ in it. The aliens (Na’vi) seem to be animists, which I don’t think really qualifies as new age. All around, they do hold some similarities to the American Indians in this and other ways.
(Slight, but nothing at all major, spoilers ahead)
Someone above states that they don’t like the humans, or the Americans, being the bad guys… well, I ask that you look around you, and then return and tell me that the human race isn’t capable of doing bad things. In the film the humans want to get to a precious metal, ‘Unobtainium’, and the largest vein of this happens to be under the alien village. And so they are overtaken by greed, a nasty but very real thing, to try and force the aliens to move or die.
The Avatars referred to in the title are bodies, with half human and half alien DNA. The humans get into a machine and are allowed to live in this body. When they go to sleep in the alien body, they return to their human body, and vice versa. The Avatars are used as ambassadors/spies by the humans, teaching the aliens to speak English and slowly implanting human culture into them.
The main character of the film ends up becoming one of them, and turning on the humans. He falls in love with one of the aliens as well. In the end, all is well, and he fully rejects his human body and becomes a ‘full time’ alien.
The new agey stuff, as you call it, is really something like the Force in Star Wars, you never really see it, but it is every where.
So, what is the message of this film? Greed drives us to do horrible things, greed leads us to destroy our world, and after that, greed leads us to try and destroy others. So perhaps it can be called anti-greed, even anti-war, but then again, no one in their right mind should be pro-greed or pro-war, now should they?
All in all, a five out of five. Go out and see it.

I disagree. It’s part of an overall self-hate piece period that has resulted in the those apologizing cultures undermining themselves and their self identity. They’ve withdrawn their influence and the world has gone to pot (especially when America and Europe and the Catholic Church has done this and many of its people became lost due to a cultural or religious self-hate). This is the desire of certain people who want a NWO. Seeing this movie will encourage them.
It may be good in the age of the EU that European nations are out of the countries they ruled, but America and the Catholic Church should have influence, as enough people within are still religious. It will be a great day if the prophesied Great Catholic Monarch comes in my lifetime. as a godly Catholic monarch and a Great Pope is what the world needs…

What can I say? See the movie before you criticize it and tell people what its message is.

Sounds like the greedy capitalists oppressing the innocent natives, a well worn theme.
Should it have been titled “Dances With Smurfs”?

But I like anything in 3D.

Here is a review.

If we watch it, I think we should let it crash like “Golden Compass” and watch it weeks after DVD release.

As it is, it’s certainly not going to crash. It’s been out for three days, and it has already gotten within four million dollars of regaining its budget. It looks like it may turn out to be quite the success, and Cameron has already said he wants to make a trilogy.

Depending on the source, the budget is given as $300 million (actual production, not the other stuff like promo) and $500 million (New York Times). Last I heard, it was at $232 million globally.


I just thought I would speak out for Avatar the last air-bender. It is not a bad series we watched it as a family and loved it. It has a good moral background and is very entertaining.

As for the movie, we are planning on going this week.

What series? Is it regarding the blue people or the martial arts kid?

The martial arts kid

I don’t know about it, except he’s like some kind of Captain Planet-like character, I think, in that I believe he can control all elements, right? I don’t watch the cartoon, though. Remember that show with CP as a christ-like figure and appearances by Gaia, as a kind of goddess-creator?

Cammeron originally said 500 million, but later said that was a joke. The budget seems to be 230ish, give or take a ‘few’ million, not county advertising. Still, 230 million in three days isn’t bad. I expect to see the gross go up by about a hundred million when new data comes out on Monday, maybe even more. Either way, it looks like it will be a success.

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