MOVIES: Biutiful (2011)

Have any of you seen Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu’s latest, Biutiful?

Guillermo Arriaga, the writer of Iñárritu’s three other films (Amores Perros, 21 Grams and Babel), asserts that “as a writer you have to love your characters, even if you hate them. If you love the characters you hate, you’ll make them believable.” Iñárritu, who wrote and directed Biutiful, has placed this energy into his major character, Uxbal (expertly played by Javier Bardem), and the result is a character who draws the viewer into his life.

In an interview, Iñárritu’s said of his film:

“This kind of film now is almost like a, as I was telling this guy, an act of resistance. It’s an act of resistance to a culture of stupidity that is flowing and intoxicating all societies. It’s just it seems that we are very comfortable in the vulgarity of the easy things. These twitters and all these texts and everything, we are very comfortable just— but to feel something, and to express emotions, see the young kids they don’t express—its cool to be in control, its cool to be that, you cannot show vulnerability, you cannot be fragile, you can’t have doubts. That’s what the films say and that’s our culture, and that’s where we are headed to be as a culture: We will not die, we will just be young adolescents all our life.”

If you’ve seen it, let me know what you think.

If you want to discuss it, please, lets.

If you want to learn more about the film, I have a post here (from before I saw the film), and one here (after I saw the film). Both of which are worth reading.

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Are this Brazilian movies?

Mexican director, set in Barcelona (Spain), entirely in the Spanish language...

Interesting. I am not sure how to see the movies, as we don’t have Netfix right now and we are 50 miles from the nearest theater (life in the country :slight_smile: ) but they soind like good movies.

Well maybe if you hear more good things about it, you might try buying it online when it comes out on Blue Ray or DVD...

Ahhh, maybe it will be in Ignatius Press :smiley: Thanks–sorry to be dense about this, but I am not a big screen (movies/tv) person. It’s always good to find out something really worth watching!

Well, instead of taking my word for it, a person you don't even know, perhaps ask people whose opinions you respect. See if they've seen it, and what they think...

I’m a new member…But my wife and I just watched this film…we thought it was great. Very heavy, very spiritual, and very rewarding. In fact, it personally sent me off on a flurry of research into the director’s other work, most of which I’d seen. My main focus, though, was trying to discern his philosophy, or more precisely, his belief set. While I still haven’t found anything conclusive on Alejandro González Iñárritu’s religious beliefs, I will say that I still continue to find his films significant. Moreover, I find them significantly more thought provoking and spiritual (in a good sense, e.g., right and wrong, consequences etc…) than many of the films coming out of Hollywood these days. I’d suggest to the discerning viewer that he or she “test everything” regarding Iñárritu’s films; there is more than enough that is worthwhile to take in and chew over.

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