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I know there was a thread on this a couple of weeks ago, but I can’t find it now. I’m interested in seeing the movie, but I read that there is some graphic sexual content. My question is whether that is concentrated in one or two scenes, or throughout the movie. In other words, would I be able to fast-foward or leave the room during one or two explicit scenes without losing the flow of the whole movie?

In my opinion, no.

As to the prior thread, I think it was removed by the moderators.

You might be interested in Movie Mom movie reviews. :slight_smile:

Here is the review for Black Swan:

There’s a masturbation scene, and the sex scene, both can rather easily be skipped over.

… because the usual fundamentalists couldn’t raise sufficient and relevant counter-argument and went crying to the moderators. :rolleyes:

I started a thread on it a while back. I didn’t like the movie and found it way too depressing, morally offensive and demeaning to women (portraying them as needy and on the point of collapse). There are numerous scenes with graphic and offensive language unnecessary sex scenes. It’s up to you if you want to see it but I think you should have fair warning. My stepmother saw it with me and she liked it but most people I know thought it was too dark. I don’t tend to like dark movies but I’m no prude and if there is a reason for some scenes I can handle them. Example I liked the Millenium Movies : The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, The Girl who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest as well as Winters Bone. If the story is good I can like a dark movie but this one is just too much for me.

The movie is a fable. Some fables deal with struggles and dark material. You need a lot of maturity and understanding on board to be able to deal with the story.

When the mother brings home a cake for celebration, she refers to it as “our favorite, white with strawberry filling.” It took me a while to recognize the imagery, but sure enough, we see that reflected in the final scene. Make of it what you will.

Since it is told in a manner similar to “Pan’s Labyrinth” one would have to sense that it is not literal reality, but rather something akin to magical realism.

Not for everyone.

Well even so my sister who is very liberal and likes scarey stuff called it warped and offensive.

This. But I didnt skip :blushing:

Pretty good psychological thriller as well

I was rather impressed by it. But then I like a pitch black tone to my entertainment.

Just to be clear…

People keep referring to “graphic sexual content.”

This movie has no nudity. Not one bit of skin that hasn’t been shown on daytime soaps.

The movie is intense.


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Paul 1961 is right. No nudity. And Intense!!!

What is warped is the mother/daughter relationship. There are no boundaries. The mother can enter Nina’s room at any time----and does. Nina is twentysomething. A young woman with "toys’ in her room—enough stuffed animals for many children. Too many.

Something was bound to burst. The film for me is more about the relationship between life and art. In order for an artist to transcend and get to where they have to get for an “inspired” performance, they have to sacrifice something, shed something, to get there.

Does Nina die at the end? For me, “no.” What dies is a certain innocence, a very fragile, sickly white swan. Since the film is presented in the style of magical realism, (the spanish do this so well) it helps to propel Nina’s story, Nina’s struggle, to break free from what is really wrong: her stunted growth, resulting from a sick ugly grip of an unfulfilled corps de ballet mother.

When Nina declares “I’m the Swan Queen, you’re the one who never left the corps!” I believed it. She was on her way to freedom. Something too long delayed.

It is dark, yes, but “dark” isn’t the enemy. Since it is a fable, presented as a psychological thriller/horror film, it would, necessisarily, explore the darkness of her situation. It is the inner black swan who is trying to break through. Nina keeps "seeing’ herself. That’s “intense.” Many realities existing at once.

Can you close your eyes or fast forward over certain parts? You can. It’s up to you. But I didn’t get the feeling that any of it was gratuitous. It was a “realm” of her struggle that she had to work through and confront. Many fairy tales of old are driven by dark material. Did anyone notice the absent father figure? That’s a big dark hole.

Must be sisters. My sister saw it and told me Natalie Portman was great, the movie seemed like something on late night network TV. Not good.

Well I warned her beforehand but she never listens to me. Her exact words were “that movie is messed up”. She said she waited weeks to see it and wanted to like it but just couldn’t get past some the implied sexual stuff and dark material. My Stepmother is the only lady I know out of 10 who talked to me about it who liked it.

If you really want a dark movie that isn’t so shall we say graphic you can look up “The Others” I find that movie was pretty well done. Just a suggestion. :cool:

The others with Nicole Kidman as the leading actress? Yes, that is interesting movie.
I watched it years ago but I can still remember the storyline. :thumbsup:

A few suggestions for those that like dark movies:

The Others (Nicole Kidman)
Endless Night (Hayley Mills)
Leave Her to Heaven (Jean Teirney)
Match Point
Suspicion (Cary Grant)
Strangers on a Train (Alfred Hitchcock)
The Trouble With Harry (Alfred Hitchcock)

Have fun

I know this thread is a little over a month old, but I just rented Black Swan. So many people commented to me how dark and depressing it was so I was expecting something really out there. I don’t know if I am sick and twisted or something, but it wasn’t that dark to me. :blush:

I enjoyed watching it simply because it was heavy on the symbolism and a different take on the telling of a fairy tale. I pondered it for a long time after I saw it- which is all one can ask for in a movie. And Natalie Portman’s performance was justly praised. It’s not a movie I would buy and watch over and over or anything-once was enough- but it left me something to chew on for a while. Maybe because I saw certain things about Nina in myself? I don’t know. Anyway, just my two cents.

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