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I hope this isn’t a duplicate thread but has anyone seen the movie Breach? Chris Cooper stars in this real-life based story about an FBI agent who turned out to be the most notorious spy in the history of the U.S. The spy was Robert Hansson and he was a fascinating and perplexing figure. Hansson was a devout Catholic who by all appearances was very moral and upstanding. It turns out, however, in addition to his patriotic betrayal, he was also into deviant sexual activities. By the end of the movie, I still couldn’t figure out why he did what he did given the life he seemingly led. It was a very good movie but predictably, the Catholic church was cast in a somewhat negative light. Sinister references to Opus Dei were made a couple of times and both Hansson and his wife (who apparently was completely unaware of his activities and who was credited with helping convert her husband to the faith) were portrayed as creepy in their devotion to the faith. One of these days, Catholicism will be postively portrayed in a mainstream Hollywood movie…maybe when Hell freezes over perhaps?

Well, to answer your question, The Ten Commandments was great. But no, being a religious person, much less a Catholic, is not going to be portrayed in a positive light in a movie in the near future. But pray!

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Wasn’t it called The Passion of the Christ?

I guess your right about that one. Although the Passion’s origins certainly weren’t mainstream since Gibson had too have it funded through his own Icon media production company - none of the other mainstream studios would touch it.

I watched it and thought that maybe the FBI is setting Hanssen up or something to get rid of him cuz he knew some members of FBI were corrupted…

Can’t understand how a person can be so devout in the faith but so twisted in the mind :shrug: to commit such sins:confused:

We rented/viewed The Breach last night. The story of Robert Hanson the FBI traitor. I have been waiting to read the definitive book on this story. 3 books are out but ‘the definitive’ is said yet to be written . He was an Opus Dei member, as you probably know. The director said he made a point to not make religion the enemy and he pulled that off. But the FBI agent who is responsible for getting Hanson said he believed Hanson really believed what he professed but simply could not live it out. I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that. He betrayed everyone and everything in his life! I read somewhere his wife Bonnie has said her mission for the rest of her life is to pray for his soul.

Some discussion of this movie in the following thread:

This movie did infer that if he was’nt a "creepy"catholic perhaps he would not have been a traitor.I"m still surprised by this type of prejudice in our supposed “enlightened” society.To over simplify;
Catholics are very dangerous,and our Government agencies
are untrustworthy…It was entertaining propaganda,factual in that they got the goods on this guy and busted him,to infer all the other garbage is obvious agenda driven material…

I suppose it can happen. Fallen human nature what it is, and with all of us prone to some kind of proclivity to sin, some will give in to temptations for various reasons I guess.
Most people are more mortifyed by the fact a priest can end up sinning. A layperson, even in a movement, is usually not considered to be as high on the disgust-o-meter.

The movie didn’t “infer that”. You did, doing so from something the movie didn’t imply.

– Mark L. Chance.

I did take the term "creepy"from a previous poster as a descriptive.
I suppose I do concur with the inference.Perhaps that’s true,perhaps I’m a catholic who not unlike other people, have been exposed to prejudice and am slightly “sensitive” in regard to public portrayals of my “faith” ,depicted in a “certain” light.
“Thought provoking” agenda driven material non the less.

I saw the movie a few months ago and thought it was excellent. The way my husband and I interpreted it was that it wasn’t trying to make Catholicism look like the enemy. It was telling the story of a man who led a double life, and as someone else mentioned - he was a weak person who could not live out what he believed. I don’t think it showed Catholicism in a bad light. Rather, it showed a person who wanted to be a good Christian fail miserably. But that’s my interpretation of it.

I also personally know people who are extremely devout in their denomination, but are pretty twisted and sometimes perverted in their thinking. I know it does and can happen. I don’t blame the faith, which can be easy to do, but the person(s) themselves, and those are the kind of people who need lots of prayer.

Yes, and since our Church continues to suffer the ramifications of MANY priests sinning in horrific and public ways, it should not surprise any Catholic that laypeople struggle as well.

That was a good movie. I Google searched Hansen. I guess he did it for the money. He is doing life is solitary confinement in a fedral prison.

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