Get ready for Brüno, hahaha!!!

Borat was so 2006 (and good thing the trailer didn’t ruin it this time).

Is it a sin to watch it. It looks pretty funny. Help.

I’d say not inherently, but having seen some clips from Borat, I’m not inclined to see this movie. There may be some things in this movie that may draw some people into sinful thoughts, not sure though.

Yes, I am not sure about sinfulness, but Sacha Baron Cohen seems to cruelly exploit the real people in his film, who are clueless that he is deliberately trying to embarrass or outrage them. That is why I decided not to watch Borat. It looked very funny, but it treated people unethically, making them the butt of international laughter.

A review by Time Magazine suggests that some of Bruno uses the same tactics:

For instance, at one point Brüno does a Madonna/Angelina, coming back from Africa with a baby. Then he appears as a guest on an actual talk show and tells the mostly African-American audience that he got the kid by trading an iPod for him. He also has the boy dressed in a T-shirt that says “Gayby.” The crowd goes wild — and not in a good way. Scenes like that are the emotional equivalent of Guantánamo stress positions. They’re very uncomfortable, and sometimes you’re left in them for a long time. Maybe laughter is the only way out.

When Brüno tries to start a cuddle party with Texas Representative Ron Paul — “Has anyone ever told you, you look like Enrique Iglesias?” — the flustered former presidential candidate is definitely not in on the joke. As Paul makes his panicky escape down a hallway, he clues in one of his aides: “This guy is a queer!”

And Brüno’s basic m.o., like Borat’s, is to go into the world with a camera to bewilder and infuriate people, never failing to prove that anger and stupidity are the permanent default modes of the human brain.,8599,1908567,00.html

BTW, the movie involves some sexual scenes.

Nevermind, the movie is pretty gross.

“Borat” was bad enough. I watched stuff that was labeled “porn” when I was a kid that was tamer than “Borat.”

I assume “Bruno” is even worse. :rolleyes:

The only time I enjoyed watching Sasha Cohen was in Sweeny Todd. I love his solo song and I really liked it when his character…ummmm…dies.

This was nothing like Borat, which was tame in comparison. He went too far and could have done without a lot of the graphic scenes. The movie is pretty much a collection of close-ups of Cohen’s flapping male anatomy and multiple sex scenes. I don’t know what he was thinking!! :eek:

I don’t recommend this movie to anyone, especially to other dudes.

Here’s a good comment of the movie made by someone on IMDb:

Believe it or not some girl had a seizure in my theater and had to be taken out by EMTs. it was funny I saw the EMTs glancing at the screen at gay parts thinking ‘wtf’.

Why is it that this entertainer can make fun of gays and promote wildly incorrect and highly unflattering stereotypes of gay men, but if you or I tried this, we could (and probably would) be fired, dismissed from school, ousted from various clubs and social settings, asked to move out of our neighborhoods, and possibly even end up getting arrested?

I suppose someone will say, “Bruno is art, while Cat showing a limp wrist and rolling her eyes is harassment.” Well, explain, please. I don’t see the difference.

Is this actor a “out” homosexual? (Please cite source.) Does that make it OK?

I am led to understand that he did rather badly with the outcome of “Borat” - he lost all the money he made on the movie to the lawsuits from the people who were portrayed in the movie (including the Government of Kazakhstan, which didn’t appreciate the portrayal of their good citizens as backward, uneducated, and sexually-deviant). Also I think he was up on charges of animal cruelty with regard to the bear, and I couldn’t swear to it, but I am under the impression that he did jail time in lieu of a fine, on account of the bear.

Sasha Cohen is a lout, pure and simple. I don’t know what the attraction is, from Hollywood’s point of view, although I strongly suspect that this is a case of “the van Gogh effect” where the fear is that someone who appears to be a completely uncivilized crazy person will turn out to be a genius - and of course you don’t want to be the guy who goes down in history as the guy who refused to support him.

You might not enjoy it unless you want to see a close-up of Bruno’s gyrating manhood which lasted for the longest time (my eyes popped out and my jaw dropped…I don’t know how this passed for an R rating!!), Bruno getting it on with some guys, and some swingers having hardcore sex. It’s pretty much pornography and the trailer was a little misleading for making me believe it was going to be just like Borat. It was probably more graphic than American Pie or other similar movies, but I do admit that there were some hilarious parts. Most of the humorous bits were non-sexual, so I don’t know why they felt they needed to go over-the-top with the crude stuff.

Like this same “actor’s” previous movie, Borat, the USCCB has said that this movie is “morally offensive”, the worst possible rating. Therefore it should, be avoided.

I saw Borat and found it profoundly unfunny, so I have no intention of seeing Bruno. I am not a fan of Baron Cohen’s ‘gotcha’ style of humor.

I just came back from this film, and it was hilarious. Just leave the kids at home, and you’ll be safe. Baron Cohen is a master at setting up comedic situations and exposing the ignorance of certain people. Oh man, how I laughed…

You can also make decisions for yourself.

Well, there were parts of Borat that I absolutely hated. If Bruno is on the same level I won’t be going to see it.

With the exception of the “wrestling” scene, I thought Borat was hilarious. The part where they stayed at the bed and breakfast being run by the elderly Jewish couple was side splitting funny.

I saw it. It was vulgar. It was inappropriate. It was highly hilarious. :blush:

I have not seen, will not see it, and think that it should not be seen, especially by Catholics. What kind of example are you setting by watching such a movie? You are indirectly accepting whatever it is he is doing. You have given financial support to the movie. You have said, that was good, make another one (which they did since Borat was a hit, why - because people made it one). I know the saints wouldn’t have watched it, and that is good enough for me.

I would love for him to make another one, but I think he is becoming too easily recognizable.

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