MOVIES: Capitalism: A Love Story

I sat there looking at it and wondered, “My God, could Moore possibly have gotten it more wrong?” The story of airline malfeasance that media actually hammered away for months couldn’t possibly have reinforced his larger point more, but he wanted to make a quicker point on the fly, while taking one of his periodic sideswipes at “the media,” just like any Bible thumper or dittohead or Glenn Beck babbler.
How on earth did he get so sidetracked?

Easy. It happens to Moore all the time. He’s got his hobbyhorses to ride and, by God, ride them he will, regardless of what they do to coherence or basic decency. (Charlton Heston’s histrionic “from my cold dead hands” nonsense for the NRA was appalling. Almost equally appalling was Moore’s self-congratulatory humiliation of a man just as Alzheimer’s was carrying him off for good.)

Is anyone out there bored/masochistic enough that they’re planning to go watch this?

I’m definitely masochistic enough, but will probably end up renting it on DVD instead. I love Michael Moore, really enjoyed Sicko and Fahrenheit 911 - even though there were definite inaccuracies, it was still pretty enjoyable.

Being so outspoken against capitalism I want to know if he plans on making any money on this film or will he make it available for free?

What a hypocrite.

Here are fabulouos excerpts from Wall Street Journal editorial 9/29/09:
Before the film, the crowd sipped champagne and cocktails in the “Morgan Stanley Lobby” and then headed to their seats in the “Citi Balcony.” Movie tickets were available at the “Bank of New York Box Office” and there’s outdoor seating at the “Credit Suisse Information Grandstand.”
Putting aside that Lincoln Center is a testament to Wall Street’s turning donations into billboards, this temple of the arts also shows how capitalism is at the core of the highest levels of the NYC culture scene from which Moore draws many followers and much acclaim.

In other words, Moore is throwing stones in a glass house he often frequents. Just look at how far Moore, a one-time assembly-line worker turned journalist turned documentary film maker, has come since the 1989 debut of “Roger & Me,” in this same Lincoln Center. His journey alone exemplifies the social mobility made possible by the very economic system he savages in his latest film, “Capitalism: A Love Story.”
At the end of the film, Moore beckons moviegoers to join him in his struggle to reform America. But first, there was the after party at the SoHo Mews, a luxury condo building that boasts the “only private park in Soho.”
The proletarian struggle would have to wait.

I’m typing this with the plank that’s in my eye because I am often a hypocrite and am far from perfect. That said: Yeah, I’m gonna go see the movie. Sometimes the comfortable need to be afflicted as well as the afflicted be comforted.


He made “Sicko” available for free. That’s how I saw it, and I know he has contributed to some Michigan town’s economic recovery by starting a film festival there (not Flint, MI, but another city: even Republicans in that town love the guy.)

Wanted to see it but like most of Moore’s work and films such as “Good Night and Good Luck” it wont be shown here. So much for the “Secular Liberal Media” never there when I need them! :mad:

Not to hijack this thread, but why on earth did they not show Good Night and Good Luck?? Such a great movie!! :confused:

What is their reason for not showing it?

Easy answer. Most small cities - big towns, any towns - would rather show “Zombieland” and “Saw VI” because those are the movies that get peoples’ behinds in the seats. Sad but true: consequently, the decent films often don’t find audiences because the theaters won’t book them on their screens and you have to wait for video.

That was my guess. Though it might be a pretty big leap of faith to assume this movie will even be “decent”.

It was seen as an attack on the Bush administration (Or at least the then popular attitude around here that questioning the goverment was the same as treason. Droped, forgotten and denied to have ever been so the second Obama was elected) and well let us just say the theaters here are rarely Liberal friendly when they choose films. Fireproof as an example got shown in ever theater in several screening rooms at discounts that put them a bit in the red as I understand it for an example

No / No.

That is completely messed up. Speechless here.

It may not be right or proper but it the things that go on in this area are why I have a grim view of the American Conservative movement.

Theaters are in it for the $$$. They aren’t going to show something that isn’t going to turn a profit. Granted, Fireproof is different because maybe the theater owners who are Christians were willing to forgo the profit on that one in exchange for getting a message they agreed w/ out there. That is one benefit of owning your own business… you can run it however you please. If they don’t want to show a certain movie, either because they object to it or because it won’t bring in the cash, that is their choice.

It has nothing to do with any so-called “movement.” It’s just common sense. :shrug:

Certainly what’s popular in the Bible Belt of South Carolina is going to be different than what’s popular in San Francisco. If you don’t like it where you’re at, why not move?

First off if this was reversed I am sure the board would erupt in cries of anti-Christian censorship, as it often does in such cases. But IOWYCC (It’s Okay When Your a Conservative Christian) is an unwritten tenent of the faith I am use to from growing up.

Second, I do assume and hope that you understand that ‘things’ in the plural means more than one. My issues are many such as constant references to Obama with the N-word and Democrats being called the N-word lover party.

Not to meant inter-racial marriage is often blamed as the start of America’s moral problems we see today. Interracial marriage leads to Gay marriage I’ve often been told growing up.

Certainly what’s popular in the Bible Belt of South Carolina is going to be different than what’s popular in San Francisco. If you don’t like it where you’re at, why not move?

I actually did manage to move away once but came back to help my family when my grandmother was dying.

Well you see there is this thing call money. An my State the reddest of red states run by good old conservative values also happens to be one of the worst off in these terms. It has taken me three years to find the job I had now and my pay is capped at 7.25 well below what one needs to make it on there own.

Oh the jobs are plenty… IF you are connected enough to get them, usually be going to the right church and knowing the right people.

No way will I pay to see it. If I have the opportunity to see it for free, I might watch it, so that I will know what fans of the movie are talking about (assuming anyone is still talking about it in a few weeks).

I saw it and thought it was great. He’s a catholic and interviews priests and has scenes with bishops. He says he wanted to be apriest when he was young.I love his stuff. I was raised like him. Democrat catholic. My father was an autoworker like his. They were all union guys in my church when I grew up. Now it seems you have to be a republican businessman to be catholic. And I hate that. My area and the world has change. But moore looks at things like I do. He says priests and nuns inspired him to do what he does. I saw it in a small sold out theatre in downtown allentown. And it felt right.
I don’t care if he has alot of money now and enjoys it. He’s showing the movie for people like me. And I thank him for that. I laughed and had tears in my eyes at the movie. Were it not be for abortion and homosexual issues I would be a full democrat. I’ll probably never be a republican. I think he’s great. He brings me back to the way I used to feel. He would have fit right in in my town…but it’s not like that anymore and i miss it. It’s everyone for themselves now and I hate that. I appreciate the way he practices his faith more than the way FOX does…I relate more to it… There are scenes of priests and bishops who say capitalism is evil and support him on some of his issues

A friend of my wife went to see it in the next county down. And it was full of conservatives there to mock and boo it. I would have been mad if I spent money and couldn’t hear it. The GOP has lowered it’s standards to immorally bashing a movie in public. It would have caused problems…If the dems did it I would think it just as rude.people paid for the movie.

Wow… I am so sorry it’s like that in South Carolina with the “N” word being tossed around and inter-racial marriage even being an issue. Yuck. I can’t relate because I live in Chicago… I think racism exists here obviously… but it’s REALLY frowned upon. Well, except if you attend Obama’s old church… I was shocked at what was coming out of his Pastor’s mouth. I would totally classify him as a racist.

I actually think Chicago must be the polar opposite from where you live because you’re looked at as some kind of freak if you’re not a hard core democrat. To be anti-Obama is almost like being anti-Jesus. Or anti-Oprah. Not kidding.

At any rate, it’s complicated. I try not to put people in a box… I know alot of really wonderful Chrstian democrats who have a heart for the poor. That abortion issue really screws it up for me. I just couldn’t - ever - vote for a pro-choice candidate. Not that I think Republicans are all that either.

back to Moore… I didn’t know he was Catholic? Is that true? Like attend mass Catholic? or are we talking altar server as a kid but hasn’t been to mass in 35 years? My opinion of him would be slightly elevated if I knew he was a good Catholic?

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