MOVIES: Capitalism: A Love Story

My sentiments exactly (minus the “probably” in the last sentence).

I look forward to seeing the movie, am a huge Michael Moore fan.

Well he was married catholic and says it’s his priest that married him and his wife. And he went to catholic school and said as a kid he wanted to be a priest…Does he go now?
I don’t know. But he’s definitely trying to practice some kind of social justice. And it will probably be helpful if maybe some liberals see his use of priests,nuns and bishops…maybe he’ll help some come home…even if he doesn’t go now…And GOP’s may even like his take on the wallstreet bailouts because I’m sure they don’t like bailouts. He’s funny. There’s a scene where derivatives are being explained and his face is hilarious.

Well then I suppose I will go see the movie and make up my own mind. :thumbsup:

If the opposing side had a channel like this guy all day and all night…they’d probably knock FOXNEWS out of the water. They should just stay away from the abortion and homosexual marriage circus and they’d attract alot of good people. I don’t think he mentions abortion or homosexual stuff at all in the movie.

I totally agree with you.

He stated on Hannity that he attends Mass every week. He even challenged Hannity to recall the Gospel of the following Sunday implying that he (Moore) remembered it well.

Then I tried to recall it, and could not. :o

There’s a current YouTube clip of Michael Moore on Sean Hannity’s show, and he (Moore) asks Hannity if he went to church… Hannity said he did… Moore asked him, “Well, what was the sermon about?”… Hannity couldn’t remember, then said he went on Saturday… and Moore joked to him, “C’mon…it was only two days ago and you can’t remember??” So, not that I didn’t already know this, but Hannity is a liar.

Found the link here. It’s the third video down:

I go to mass every weekend but I couldn’t recall the last Sunday’s (Saturday for me) gospel either. Does that make me a “liar”? You’re being pretty desperate here.

Yeah but notice how Mikey never volunteered that information himself, either.

According to some people here, that makes you a “liar”. :rolleyes:

Hannity is amemorizer or something like that I think. He can’t stray too far from the shows topic…without getting lost…Maybe he did go to Mass. But I totally think he is programmed o do what he does. He remains monotone so he can do this. I have called him from home to WABC a couple times and he ended up hanging up on me both times…
He’s easy to listen too. I used to drive truck in NYC and hear him all the time maybe 9-10 years ago. But he repeats things over and over again like a mantra…I almost don’t think he knows what he’s talking about sometimes. And I don’t always feel he’s being sincere. I never heard him bust on unions too much(I think he probably has family or friends in them) so I actually can listen to him…I think he’s a nice guy…making money. But I don’t think he really believes everything he says. It’s almost like he’s reading it or memorizing it…And NYC is a busy place and he does long days with radio and T.V.(and probably driving to and from work too)…so this may have affected his memory on wether he went to Mass or not. I must state that these are only my opinions…I like Hannity but don’t like alot of things he says…but sometimes don’t feel he really means everything he says either…my opinions that’s all…take them or leave them…they don’t mean much. He probably goes to Mass and I hope Moore does to because I lean more towards what he stands for.

The Church condemns radical materialism, thats laissez-faire, “hands off”, unregulated Capitalism, and Communism. That’s why today’s media geniuses freely describe China as a Capitalist country. Real Catholics boycott Chinese-made goods.

Michael Moore’s Catholic connections are about as meaningful as Stalin’s and Hitler’s. Know them by their fruit. Moore’s foundation owns stock in the companies he punks, and he distributes monies, not to the poor, but to his media buds.

Al Gore is an oil baron whose Occidental Petroleum bought the Elk Hills Strategic Oil Reserve under Clinton’s White House-silver-snitching auspices. No “Teapot Dome” scandal here in this liberal media dupedom. Clinton is the labor-loving Democrat who sold us out with NAFTA. How many centuries of carpetbaggers must we endure before the Party of Lincoln–not Rockefeller Republicans–gets some R-E-S-P-E-C-T?

This union member says, “God bless St. Ronald Reagan.” I’m not working on the plantation. Statistically, liberals are the stingiest humans in the most generous country on earth, America, but you go ahead and send Michael Moore your cash. That [obese Scottish gentleman in Mike Myers flick] will invest it wisely.

Ask the 11,000 union air traffic controllers that he fired if they consider him St. Ronald.
Nobody’s perfect and who knows maybe they’ll stop…I never saw him portray himself with priests before. And that may be risky with the liberals. Maybe he’s headed in a different direction. The great republican brainwashing machine…FOXNEWS will never help the cause of the poor or working class and definitely not the u word.

You cater to your clientele; if they don’t want to see MIchael Moore’s newest trash, then the theaters won’t show it if they want to stay in business.

Quit making it out like SC is one big rascist h*ll hole. BTW, one of the bluest states (California) is more cash strapped than we could imagine right now, so don’t try that old hand.

You should see the Vatican!:smiley:

I managed to see it. Very good documentary. And I’m surprised at the good protrayal of Catholic priests and Bishops. I do believe that Moore makes a good point, but one many others have been talking about and trying to warn others about for years and years and years, but were always labeled as paranoid or conspiracy theorists. The facts and results are right there for all to see now. In fact Moore doesn’t even go far enough, he treated the topic quite lightly than it deserved. Anyway, it is indeed something everyone should see, whether in theatres or DVD or usually Moore allows or tolerates it to be distributed freely through some fashion on the internet through google video or something. However you manage to see it, please do.

Facts in a MIchael Moore movie? Were they the actual facts or the facts he has twisted to suit his agenda?

From the looks of your comment I take it you usually oppose him…But this one is on the wallstreet bailout, which, most probably alot of the people who usually don’t like him, most probably opposed also. You may like this one,actually…It isn’t a total Bush bashing or anything…It’s more of a wallstreet bashing…Did you like us giving all that money to them. Of all institutions…the financial sector…Really should they of all institutions ever need a bailout? And the corruptions that went with it…They ran the show. They ran their own bailout.

It seems that all media runs everything anymore to suit an agenda,be it left or right…It’s really agrivating.

No, I do not like liars.

I was completely against both bailouts/stimulus packages.

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