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If you are always on the lookout for a movie you can see without leaving the theatre feeling dirty, and if you enjoy subtle, intelligent drama, and if you can handle the very dark subject matter, then Changeling is for you.

The movie is based on the true story of a child who was abucted by a serial killer in 1928 in the LA area and how the crime was handled by the LAPD. It stars Angelina Jolie and is directed by Clint Eastwood. I was surprised to see some really negative reviews, and as it turns out, the negativity is a reaction to what I found to be so compelling about the film- the stark contrast between good and evil.

This is not a family film- it is created for an adult audience. The content is emotionally harrowing, disturbing, and brutal. But, this is a movie that affirms parenthood, affirms truth and justice, and affirms the triumph of good even in a situation that appears to have been totally given over to the very worst evil in men.

It is also a film where a preacher, a man of God, has a strongly positive role. There are far too films in Hollywood that give us these portraits of religious people taking great risks to expose corruption.

I really recommend the film.

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:thumbsup: I may try to see it Thursday night or Friday.

Walter Collins was a y oung boy who disappeared and it turned out he was a victim of serial killer Gordon Northcott, who commited the Wineville Chicken Murders,also called the Wineville Chicken Coop Murders, because they were commited in a chicken coop at his farm.Due to what happend and because of the sensationalism of the case , the citizens of the town changed the name of their town from Wineville to Mira Loma.

I didn’t know the real history behind the movie, but from the first time I saw the commercial I’ve wanted to see it. Some of the reviews I’ve seen say that Angelina Jolie is really good in her role as the mother.


Yes want to see it, if I can escape the house for a few hours I’ll come back and review it too!

Thanks for the thumbs up.

When I first heard it, I thought it would be difficult to understand and boring. But when I watch it, I was amazed. It is a very interesting and emotional movie. I love it, love it!

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