MOVIES: Cloverfield

Yeah, you’re right. Kinda bothered me though. Just my opinion!

Cloverfield was lame IMO. The monster was too powerful for its size. There is no way it could have survived that stealth bomber attack.

Exactly. But if you simply kicked the spider creatures you could subdue it.

This post contains spoilers

I didn’t like it. Aside from the shaky camera (which I hated) there were a number of problems with the movie. First and foremost, the whole idea of the movie is that we’re down with the characters in the middle of the event as it’s happening. I don’t know a single person who, if they were in a similar situation, would spend so much time filming his friends while they crack off stupid one liners. The camera would be on the monster the whole time. I kept waiting for Rob to yell something like, “Why the *&^% are you pointing the camera at me? Film the monster!” But alas, it never happened.

Also, I hated the origin of the monster that was presented at the end of the film. It fell from space? At exactly the same time Rob was filming the ocean a month earlier? Coincidence? It would have been much better if, at the end of the film, the camera panned out, showing that the footage we, the audience, had just scene was being viewed by the military or scientists, etc. During a report one of them makes, they could provide a much more detailed an interesting origin story and provide a more detailed and interesting situation of where the monster is now. It would still leave it wide open for a sequel (assuming they plan on making one), but would provide a better sense of closure to this film, in addition to making it much more interesting.

Ugh! I can’t believe I missed the origin scene! I was too busy focusing on Rob and Beth.

Seriously though, it was pretty good. I think they did good by not showing the monster till the halfway in, and the party may have dragged on forever but it did build suspense.

Boy, then that girl asked him to take his filming job seriously, did he ever. If it was me, I would have dropped it after the first incident…

Very good movie, but I am getting old and couldn’t take the motion of the camera either. My goodness I used to ride Space Mountain!!! Anyway, good movie I just wished not so much jumbling, but I know that is the effect they were going after.


Spoilers Maybe?
(Not sure if someone would count them as spoilers)

The monster didn’t fall from space. The object that fell into the ocean at the end of the movie was a satellite. As mentioned on the news at the beginning of the movie, a company lost a satellite. It fell into the ocean, disturbing the monster who had been sleeping peacefully for thousands of years. The monsters an infant ( i don’t know how, maybe these monsters live fore millions of years or something so a couple thousand is nothing.) which explains why it was a bit infant like in it’s movement

if you get motion sickness, maybe a dramamine beforehand.

anyone see it?

Okay, admittedly I’m way behind in the movie watching area. If I miss one at the dollar theatre down the road then I wait for DVD but there are so many I miss it takes a while to get caught up.

Saw Cloverfield tonight and what a ride! All four of us loved every minute. Forget about plausibility or anything else, it was just very well filmed, acted and edited.


I’m a home theater fanatic. I saw this movie with audiophile quality speakers and high-end sub woofer. My house was literally shaking and vibrating through out the movie. Subsonic bass was awesome.

I just saw this on DVD a couple weeks ago. The shaking didn’t bother me because of the small screen, and I really liked the monster… I went in with low expectations, but I liked it!

I was able to view the movie on the big screen and little screen. It played extremely well in both formats, though I prefer seeing the monster on the big screen. I thought the whole project was creative and groundbreaking. It didn’t force feed the store down our throats. They just let it evolve on screen.

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