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Has anyone heard of this new movie? I watched the teaser trailer, link below, and it looks really good. It reaffirms marriage and the commitment that comes with it, check out the song/music video, I love the song!!!

I got an invitation to a screening event in my area and it looks like they have quite a few cities available. What do ya think?

Fireproof is a production of Sherwood Baptist Church here in Albany, Georgia. As a matter of fact, my brother is in the movie; he’s one of the deputies at a fire scene.

The only problem I have with the movie is that I have heard their pastor, Michael Catt, make anti-Catholic statements on more than one occasion as part of his sermons.

Does the movie itself have any anti-catholic sentiment? You can’t get much off a teaser trailer, but if it doesn’t then I think it may be a real good movie.

I seriously doubt that it does. It’s produced by the same people who made “Facing The Giants” which did not. Everyone I talked to who saw the preview here raved about “Fireproof”.

I am a devout Catholic that saw the movie Fireproof last night. We simply ( 6 of us) loved it. It was sooooooooooooo Catholic! I simply wanted to stand up and yell ( don’t they, the Baptist, realize how Catholic they are!). True, they fall just a little short of totally “crossing the Tiber”, but this is a wonderful movie about a marriage being flushed down the toilet, and how even the most hardened of hearts can learn to love once again with God as the center of their covenant.

I can assure you that I am a big defender of my faith, and am very watchful of any anti-catholic sediment written or spoken. I did not witness any of this in the movie.

Sometimes when others offend us within the religious world who insult our faith we tend to write them off. I suggest that we use those times to communicate the truth in a charitable fashion. Please consider watching this movie…I would love your input.

review from Catholic
I am going to see it
going to recommend my parents, confirmation classes adult and youth, and catechists see it

IMO the root of problems in the Church, or one of them, is in the problems with marriage and our families are in trouble
children in our programs living in intact families with both parents is becoming the minority, not the norm

This movie is opening in nearly 850 theaters this Friday! It’s important we support these types of movies if we want more of them. Below is a great review by Father Robert Lauder in The Tablet last week, the weekly newspaper of the Brooklyn Diocese.

Next Weekend, There’s Only One Movie to View
By Father Robert Lauder 

Run, don’t walk to a movie theatre on the weekend of Sept. 26-28 to see a terrific new film titled “Fireproof.” It is easy to complain about what is wrong with many contemporary films. Our complaints might focus on the trivialization of sex, unbridled violence and a vision of life that offers no hope. Often we feel as though there is nothing or little that we can do about the type of films that the creators of film are presenting to us. There is something that we can do. But it has to be done on that weekend!

On the evening of Friday, Sept. 12, there was a special screening of “Fireproof” at Immaculate Conception Center, Douglaston. A friend of mine, Ana Puente, who is the coordinator of marriage ministry in the diocese arranged for the screening. She asked me to attend. I did not feel like viewing the film because I suspected it would be a poor film, made with the best of intentions, but amateurish and overly sentimental. Ana wanted me to critique the film and give her my honest opinion. Because of my friendship with Ana (or was it because of the promptings of the Holy Spirit?), I attended the screening. What a wonderful surprise the film was for me!

“Fireproof” is an exceptionally good film. The story is good, the acting is good, the direction is good, the music is good and the editing is exceptionally good. This is a film that we should strongly support so that filmmakers will learn that there is a large market for this kind of film. 

It may seem strange to readers of this column that I wonder if the Holy Spirit moved me to attend the screening of “Fireproof.” Doesn’t the Holy Spirit have more important things to do than move me to attend a film? The only reason that I mention the Spirit’s involvement is because this is a film that might have a positive effect on millions of people. Film may be the most influential art form of the 21st century. The Holy Spirit is everywhere calling us into union with the Risen Christ. Film can be a channel of the Holy Spirit’s presence.

We can only guess how much the consciousness and conscience of people are shaped and formed by film. A steady diet of the same type of film has to have an effect on viewers. I wonder how viewers of contemporary film, especially young viewers, can possibly have a Christian view of sexuality when they are bombarded by a pagan philosophy of sexuality in so many contemporary films.

A few years ago secular critics were dumbfounded by the popularity of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” They could not understand why so many people were flocking to see it. On the date that the film opened a film critic on television said that anyone who wanted to see the film had better not delay because it would close in a few days. The last figure that I heard was that Gibson’s film grossed more than $800 million and this was before the DVD was available. There were many reasons for the success of Gibson’s film but one was that many Christians were eager to see their beliefs depicted favorably in a film. Secular critics just did not realize this.

The reason that it is crucial that large numbers attend the showing of “Fireproof” on its opening weekend is that film distributors judge the popularity of a film by the receipts from the first weekend that the film is shown. If “Fireproof” does well that first weekend then its run will be extended and it will be shown at more theatres. 

On Sept. 26, some of the theatres at which the film will open are: the Farmingdale Stadium, the Westbury Raceway 10, the AMC Loews Stony Brook, the Yonkers Central Plaza 4, the Empire 25 theaters in Manhattan, as well as other theatres. The theater in Brooklyn at which the film will open has not yet been announced as I am writing this column.

I have announced the opening of the film in the parish where I celebrate Mass on Sundays and I am going to mention it at St. John’s University to my students and to the seminarians and retired priests with whom I live. 

On Wednesday, Sept 24, I hope to discuss the film on Sirius Radio on the New York Archdiocesan radio program. The film is a must for anyone involved in Pre-Cana programs or any apostolate related to marriage. In fact I cannot think of any Catholic group of adults who would not profit from viewing “Fireproof.”

I have really been looking forward to seeing it. Sounds excellent.

Have been looking forward this this! I’m going on Saturday with a group of friends. :thumbsup:

I looked at the local advance listings and it’s opening at 8 major theaters in the Ft. Worth area, most with multiple showings. They don’t often do that with Christian movies.

Rotten Tomatoes, a film review aggregator, doesn’t have any reviews for Fireproof. Isn’t this normally a bad sign, when professional reviewers don’t get to see the film in advance?

I attended a screening of this movie in July and highy recommend it …

It is very ‘protestant’ in its approach [not that that is a bad thing - it is just a different approach than cothoics might take] until one of the final scenes … then it seems very catholic … won;t do a spoiler …

In addition to the christian approach to real life issues that confront our society and the aftermath … it has some vvery gripping action scenes …

I will be seeing it again and looking forward to it … I have recommended it to family and friends …:slight_smile:

I invited a friend to attend the screening with me [DH was out of town that evening] … she initially said no to a movie :rolleyes: … when I explained that it was a screening for church leaders and it would be fun, whe came along … and has not stopped talking about the movie in 2 months … she is organizing a movie night group from our parish to go see it … :thumbsup:

At the screening they told us that the final editing was not complete, we took a survey about the movie and were able to write about the scenes that we really liked and those we did not … So I may even be surprised at how the movie will flow and will be able to look for “changes”

Please support these ventures /// if we want good fare in the theaters, we need to stop throwing our money away on trash and start using the power of the market place to work …

Also, our movie screening was sponsored by marriage counciling service agencies that support emergency responders …

I’m hoping that my husband and I will get to see the movie this weekend despite the busy schedules with our kids’ sports. It is especially important the movie does well this weekend at the box office so it will continue to be shown. I am pleasantly surprised that it’s showing in quite a few theaters in our area.

I have passed this on to friends and family. If you want to copy and past what I posted and pass it on via e-mail to others, that would be helpful to get the word out.

Blessings, Joy

By John JalsevacSeptember 24, 2008 ( - At a time when the majority of marriages end in divorce, the makers of the popular “Facing the Giants” movie are bringing to select theatres a film that has already inspired numerous couples to strengthen, and, in many cases, to…

Full article…

There was an ad in our Catholic newspaper about this movie. The article has the star’s name wrong, however. It is Kirk CAMERON, from “Growing Pains”, not the legendary Kirk Douglas.

I hope this does well.

Why is this in the Politics:2008 forum? :confused:

Well any movie about firefighters is gotta be good.:wink:

Count me in this weekend.

:wink: :slight_smile:

I saw Kirk Cameron on Dr Phil and they showed a clip of the movie and you know it does look good…perhaps I’ll see it.

While it is opening this weekend in the Chicago area, it is disappointing that it will be only in a few theaters. In fact, in Chicago itself, only one theater, downtown and only about 5 in an hour driving distance from the downtown one. But we are still planning on going to see it. Hopefully, more theaters will realize it is a good deal.

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