Movies for Catholic Group

I am thinking of having a movie night especially geared toward the men in the parish. I want a movie(s) with a good message yet recognizable enough to attract people. A couple I’ve thought of and why I like them:

“I Confess” - Hitchcock, need I say more…well, OK, integrity is a strong message. A priest hears a confession of a murderer and then becomes the prime suspect in the murder - does he meet the demands of confidentiality possibly being blamed for a crime he did not commit or does he save his own skin?

“The Scarlet and the Black” - Courage, inspiration - based on a true story of a Vatican priest who organized the hiding of people from the Nazis. Gregory Peck’s best in my opinion.

Sounds like a good movie. Why gear it toward men? Is this a KofC event? I’m just curious :slight_smile:

Definitely Scarlet and the Black! I would also suggest Bridge Over the River Kwai. We rented both on my suggestion. My husband wasn’t very interested but later said both the movies were amazing.

That is an awesome movie :thumbsup:

You can go to the USCCB website. They have a long list of movies approved by the Church that are great.

Here’s the link:

Don’t forget to see the 1966 movie about Saint Thomas More, “A Man for All Seasons”. It won six Acadamy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor (Paul Scofield).

Here’s more info:

Why for men?

We’re trying to start a Holy Name Society group and I thought it would be a good way to kick off the group “birth” with a movie party.

Man for All Seasons is an excellent idea too. Thanks!

I had stumbled upon that catholic movies link previously as well but forgotten where it was. Thanks for that reminder.

Great choice. David Zinneman (nice Jewish boy) directed that, and he also directed the second best Catholic movie ever made, The Nun’s Story. Guys REALLY like *The Nun’s Story *but they don’t like to admit it, so don’t put it on your schedule.

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