Movies for those considering their vocation


I asked recently about novels for those considering vocation to priesthood or the religious life.

Some kind folk suggested a movie or two.

I though it would be good to ask in a different thread about ideas of movies which portray priesthood, religious life in a realistic and thoughtful way - and good movies too!

Suggestions very welcome.


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"The Trouble with Angels" shows the "attraction" aspect.

I have heard that "Mass Appeal" was good for priesthood discerners.

While "The Nun's Story" is somewhat romanticised, it is based on pre-Vatican II practices.

"A Time for Miracles" is recommended for founders.

"LaSalle" for brothers.




"Mass Appeal" sounds great. You know, I've never seen that movie.

Now to find it on DVD!


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Discerning priesthood myself, Mass Appeal sounds very, very intriguing based on the reviews and plot. Will definitely watch it ASAP.

I liked the portrayal and spiritual themes explored by the priest in Clint Eastwood's film Gran Torino. It's a good watch for those who don't mind a little racism and violence, there's definitely a lot of good character development and heart in it. The priest character is a really young guy who just got out of the seminary and is doing his best to get Eastwood's cold and depressed character to go to Confession as per his dead wife's last wish. It's interesting to see a small side of development from the priest as well, at first he's intimidated and meek, but becomes more assertive and gets involved with Eastwood's character. Even though the priest is a secondary character, it's still a good watch to see him squeeze himself in the middle of things.


For anyone considering religious life I highly recommend "Of God's and Men." It's portrayal of community life is both raw/realistic and spiritually rich and authentic. The humanity of each of the men in the community is evident as is their desire to grow in holiness and in love for their neighbors and one another. It is the story of a very messy political, religious, and communal situation in which there is a lot of community discernment and decision making in a spirit of prayer, desire to do God's will, AND frail humanity.

Often times, especially in the media, religious life is portrayed very romantically and this movie really helps put an authentic picture of community life and the interior lives of each member of a community.

I would also recommend this to anyone as a "Lenten" reflection on the Christian life. It is a great movie for Holy Week as well.


I highly recommend the movie "For Greater Glory"


Of Gods and Men is a pretty moving and awesome movie about the bravery of Monks in Algeria during Civil War and strife.


For Greater Glory looks very interesting.
Thanks, I didn't know it.

My slight hesitation is 145 minues is quite long...


In Solidarity with Agatha


I personally enjoy the 2005 miniseries “John Paul II” starring Cary Elwes and Jon Voight.


[quote="The_Professor, post:9, topic:313041"]
I personally enjoy the 2005 miniseries "John Paul II" starring Cary Elwes and Jon Voight.


That's an excellent one, even if it is rather long (and considering I usually do not like watching movies, that's saying something).


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