MOVIES: "Fountain", very impressive!

I was watching the movie ''fountain ‘’ , in the cinema , it was the first time.
After the movie was over , going back home I was thinking that I did not understand any thing.
But little bit later , after 15 minutes , I began to realize that , its probably the best movie I ever watched .
Or one of the best movie I ever watched.
I would not agree that ‘’ the death makes us special ‘’ .
But I support the idea of ‘’ demand for eternity ‘’ !
Demand for ‘’ eternal life ''
demand for ‘’ the eternal love ‘’ the love which never ends !
The design , the effect of music , the scenario is very very impressive !
I just wonder if there is no influence of Tolkien , or C. S. Lewis on Darren Aronofsky.
And for me its interesting , if there are some Christian interpretations of this movie !

I totally agree. Although my reflection of the movie after watching it several times is that to me in an abstract manner, it was a reflection of purgatory. A mans harsh disbelief in death helped him come to the realization that it is his destiny, but the bubble he was in to me in a catholic perspective was his purification, his exile to be alone with god, to truly understand his eternal destiny, even if the movie wasn’t portraying it with god, it gives the believer at least to me a sense of understanding in this life what physical death and consciousness truly are when understanding what god wants for humanity. Please elaborate on this or give me feedback if you want to continue a loop. I love hearing interpretations of this film.

It’s surreal for me because I am a convert from Protestantism and atheism. This movie hits home with me on many levels of my life, especially when dealing with such a deep occurrence such as death.

Peace in Christ,


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