MOVIES: Freedom Writers -- EXCELLENT movie

I can somewhat recall, a thread about this movie. I apologize if I’m starting an older topic, but just saw this movie with my daughter tonight, it was playing on HBO. I think it was HBO. Anyways, it was so moving…something I really hadn’t expected. It was done so well…I was in awe, and had such admiration for the real-life teacher that this movie was about…Ms G. If you have not yet seen this, please take some time and do so. I really liked the tie in between the holocaust and Ms G’s students. I went to school with a lot of jewish kids growing up, and I even took piano lessons with a holocaust survivor…I was in my early teens, and she was in her 60’s. So, when I see movies that bring the holocaust into focus, they really move me.

Did you see it? If so, what did you think? I give it 2 thumbs up. Hilary Swank was marvelous…

Just sharing.:slight_smile:

I did an essay on that movie for someone. It’s very uplifting.

Unlike the other great teacher movies we find out that the program didn’t survive because the education/union system. At the end while one class was saved you realize that the Cambodian, Latino, Black gang wars and 50% drop out rates of Long Beach California never changed.

True, but better than no classes/students being saved. It was still an uplifting story to me…and even if a teacher changes just one life, it’s all worth the effort. I couldn’t believe that the “system” was so against her teaching methods, and didn’t believe that those kids could really embrace change. But again, at least she was able to change the lives of a few. A school system can also only do so much…it isn’t a school’s job to parent. It actually took her behaving like their parents, in some cases, to really make them change…the weekend and evening hours was really above and beyond, so it’s hard to expect change if after a 6 hour school day…where kids are being given assignments that don’t inspire them, and go home to parents or a parent who could care less about them…that they will be able to change. Thus, the high crime rate…If all teachers could be like Ms G…it probably would make a lasting difference in such communities.

I enjoyed it.

I didn’t enjoy it myself

It’s dull, predictable, a story that has been told many times before, and the acting isn’t anything special.

You know, I will say that the acting was a bit predictable, but the fact that it was based on a true story, I thought was interesting…I think I liked the tie in to the holocaust…the parallels. I normally don’t like teachers who transform classroom movies, but this one was particularly good, I thought. To each’s own, I suppose. :o

From a teacher’s perspective, it’s definitely a good movie.

The thing that troubled me though, was while the teacher was so devoted to her students…she allowed her marriage and husband to take a total backseat. He was always alone. I think that he tried to be supportive, but she literally was never home. I was sad that she basically put her class above her husband…and this caused them to divorce. I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s wise to allow anyone or anything to take the place of one’s marriage. I am not judging her, it just made me wonder why she couldn’t balance the two better. :shrug: And for example, why her husband didn’t join the dinners out with her students…but her father did. Thought that was odd.

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