MOVIES: Friday the 13th?

Who here like the “Friday the 13th movies?” When I was a kid I loved them, 3 through 8 especially. Then I let go of that junk for so long.

But recently I bought part 3 again, and got back into some of them. I got to say, now I think the first two are the best, they both are…SICK! and demented! Seriously. When I was young I was like, oh the first one doesn’t have Jason, and part 2 Jason has a sack over his head and not a hockey mask.

But as I watched them the other day my opinon changed, they’re scary as heck!! Especially at the very end of part 1 when Jason comes out of the water and pulls the woman down, and practically every scene of part two made me jump, especially at the end when he comes through the window to grab the girl, his face is hideous!

And I still like 3 and 4 the Final Chapter, but that’s it. 5-the rest, while fun movies, are not scary and kind of silly. But the first 4, especially 1 and 2 still bring chills down my spine lol.

It’s an interesting legend or ghost story.

LOL, I guess I’m alone on this one :slight_smile:

I watch them occasionally since I love horror movies. I personally prefer horror anthologies though: Twilight Zone the Movie, Tales from the Darkside, Creepshow…etc. etc.

I prefer the Friday the 13th SERIES personally, it’s a long defunct series and didn’t have anything to do with Jason at all. It’s about two shopkeepers who inherit a shop dealing in cursed antiques and their task is to retrieve the things they accidentally sold before they discovered the truth. (And unlike Jason, cursed items or negatively-charged objects really do exist.)

The best episode was one where they had to retrieve a demonic bible from a Marian apparition site and even involved Mary appearing at the end. They portrayed the Church, Mary and Apparitions favorably, quite rare.

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