MOVIES: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I saw the movie today with my dad (Keeping the Tradition of Opening Day that started with the 2nd movie. Saw 1st movie opening day by myself). Just got home about 20 minutes ago from it. I already knew what would happen (I had read about the SPOILER before finishing the book and never truly finished it to the end…could not bear to read the last 100 pages).

The love parts were handled quite well and there wasn’t any inappropriate sexual material.

That’s all I can say.

I don’t understand the praise for this film. I just got back from seeing it with my family. We were all excited (everbody loves Harry around here).

We were all crushed and disappointed at how truly awful this film is. It is listless and dull beyond belief. I don’t see the Vatican’s point on how this focuses us on the battle of good versus evil. There’s an aspect of that in the tortured thing they call the plot in this film, but everything gets lost in the swamp they call “a plot” in this thing.

At 2.5 hours it could have used a lot of editing. Very many scenes and subplots are total dead ends. All the actors are merely fair, but what can you do with such a horrible script. The bright spot is Ron Weasley. This guy steals every scene he’s in and creates the only really engaging character in the movie. You leave the film more fond of him than anybody, and sadly his character is simply there for color mostly. Ditto for Hermione. In fact I’d say that the old chemistry we had between the three kids battling evil is totally gone in this movie. At then Hermione declares that Harry needs her and Ron and they’ll soldier on together, but it’s not clear why. Harry didn’t need them at any point in the movie. In fact, nobody really battled evil in a serious fashion at all, except for Dumbledore. Harry himself was tangential to the battles, and Ron and Hermione weren’t even present at all for them.

When the credits started suddenly rolling, there were cries of, “WHAT?” coming up from the audience. It was hard to believe we’d made it all the way through that muck of a film. It’s truly terrible. What a waste of time and money tonight with this fiasco. It will be a franchise killer for many, as our seventh grader keenly said, “Imagine that Harry Potter, a wizard, whose film has no magic.” Too true, that.

What an awful, truly awful bore of a film.

The mention of “being on the Qudditch Team last year doesn’t guarantee you a position this year” was pointless cause HELLO, they cut all Quidditch from Order of the Phoenix.

IIRC, in the book more is revealed WHY spoiler called himself the Half Blood Prince. It was pointless to have that one part at the end.

For some reason, I am eager to see how they manage to fit Deahtly Hollows into two movies, since they dropped an important part of THIS movie that is basically in the next book… (a certain female from GoF and a certain sibling of a certain friend of Harry’s)

And why did they decide to add that CERTAIN SCENE that’s not even in the book?

(I want to cover spoilers…how would I do that in here? There’s no option to use a [hl=black]don’t read this[/hl]

Oh, and did anyone recognize Slughorn? He was in a certain wonderful movie with a Lion voiced by Lian Nieeson.

I actually really liked the movie. I felt that the previous two films were too short and had a rushed feeling. This one moved along at a better pace, in my opinion, without leaving anything important out (except Dumbledore’s confession in the cave, which should have been left in).

I would also rather have had the battle at Hogwarts rather than the attack on the Burrow, just for faithfulness to the book, but it doesn’t bother me that much.

I also like that supporting characters got a lot to do this time around; namely Snape, Hagrid, and Ginny, who all were very minor players in the last two movies.

I’m frankly amazed that anyone could like Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to any degree. My whole family felt outright betrayed by it. I saw many reviews in which the critics raved that it is the best Potter film yet, and we were pumped for a wonderful night of adventure with Harry as before.

The film is such a disaster in the opposite direction that it bugs me. What do you see in this movie? I see a lumbering, tedious film that wants to be both an action-adventure film and a teenage soap opera and fails miserably at both. Aside from very technical aspects like special effects, costumes, and set design, it completely falls on its face. Good acting does happen in it, the cast of players does have talent, but all that is wasted on a ridiculous script in which all the best scenes really have no bearing on very much. The films got a ton of scenes that really have little bearing on the narrative and thematic developments and these are always the ones with the best performances. Meanwhile the major scenes come along peskily and always fall flat on their face. What a nightmare that must have been for the film editor! haha

The major loci of the past films was the comeraderie of our three dear protagonists as they battled evil, explored wonderment, and engaged in great adventures. No trace of that lives in the Half-Blood Prince. None. All that is picked up and moved into a badly played series of little who’s-kissing-who melodramas. This latest film’s loci has more in common with High School Musical than any other film, and it excutes this very poorly in comparison. And dishonestly. High School Musical was honest about what it was, and did well with that. The Half-Blood Prince pretends to be a Harry Potter adventure film. It is not. It is a fraud. I mean, in even what few action scenes there are Harry is largely a bit player. Ron and Hermione aren’t even there for them at all. Harry even opts out of the final climactic battle, and why shouldn’t he? This is the films ultimate statement: it’s a not really an action film. That’s not the focus. It’s a relationship film. And that’s a rip-off to which I say, “Ok, Harry Potter fanchise, here’s where I get off the bus.”

I was not a fan of this one either, though I don’t despise it as much as a some people in this thread seem to (=. I wasn’t at all expecting it to mirror the book exactly or keep everything I liked about the book. But all my favorite details were gone. In fact, nearly all the detail period was gone. The book was about the villains: Voldemort and Snape and Draco. The movie? I’m not really sure what that movie was about. I’m open to suggestions about what purpose is served by the scene in which the death eaters destroy the burrow, because it really was not clear to me. I was extremely disappointed in the final scene as well, a bit because of the lack of a battle, but more because the scene between Harry and Snape in the grounds was so totally lacking. And it certainly doesn’t help that Radcliffe and Watson just aren’t good actors. Ah well.

The Burrow destruction was there in a lame attempt to set up a romantic linkage between Harry and what’s-her-name. That, and it gave cinematographers a chance to have a wheatfield chase scene (poorly done) and a pyrotechnic scence (poorly done). It also gave Harry a chance to have an action scene where he actually used his wizard skills for a positive effect (only chance in the movie – and again, poorly done).

:eek:I was going to see the movie after I got home from putting up the groceries, but the Live Oak Regal Cinema was packed.They were parked way down to the road for crying out loud!

By the way I didn’t see Order of the Phoenix, but wasn’t Snape supposed to die or something in that one?

I’ll have to check out some other reviews of it.I still would like to see it, but maybe on dvd.

I liked it a LOT more than Order of the Phoenix. I left OOTP feeling quite irrate at how horribly the book was portrayed.
Half-Blood Prince was done much better.

I was very frustrated that there was no real battle. I think what happened at the Burrow could have been left out and put the money/energy into a good battle at Hogwarts.

Overall I was pleased with it, they left out a lot but I didn’t find it crucial.

My wife and I were severly disappointed that they left out the battle at the end. That was the part we were looking forward to the most. When we read the book we said to one another that that part was going to make the movie…

Gotta say I’m a bit disappointed in the movie as well.

I wonder if they’re saving the battle for the beginning of the next movie, since Book 7 will get two full movies. :shrug: I’m not sure if that would work or not as I haven’t yet seen the movie nor have I read that far into the Potter series yet. :o

I fell asleep.:stuck_out_tongue: and it was at the IMAX even. :pBut I’m not the HP fan my D is and I took her to see it. She loved it.

Well I believe the directors left out the battle at the end of the book because it mirrored the battle in the 7th book, and they wanted to keep the Hogwarts Battleground “fresh” and “new”.

I do not agree. As a matter of fact, some of the audience I saw it with applauded after the movie. A friend said that during the one death scene, some of her audience cried. Both she and I were impressed with this movie and I have heard (and I think) that it flows coherently and tells a story. This was a record breaker for a midnight premere and a one day release.

No. No he’s not, and, no he doesn’t.

They are planning the final battle in Hogwarts in the last movie to be a full 30 minutes.

People have different reactions to things. Be understanding.

Everyone was jabbering before the previews and silence started when the lights went down. There were many laughs in our theater and at the end many tears (and one who was either being a jokester or seriously bawling) and when the credits rolled the theater errupted in applause! Everyone walking out seemed happy and pleased :thumbsup:

:thumbsup::eek: Awesome!!

As a movie, it did its job. You have to consider that film is a very different medium than books, and though I would have liked a different Slughorn, and the beginning scene cut altogether, it wasn’t nearly as awful as the Phoenix entry.

But I still much prefer the books.

I didn’t like the scene at the Burrow because it leaves a gaping plot hole with regards to the wedding that’s supposed to happen there in the 7th movie. Granted, they’ll probably cut that out entirely, but then they’ll have to make up something to explain how Harry finds out about what Dumbledore gives him.

I also thought that some scenes could be written much better. Has anyone else noticed that in the most recent HP movies (4-6) there is a scene or two where a character is going to say something that’s important, they pause dramatically, and then change the subject?

In OOTP when Harry is talking to Sirius, and describing the attack on Mr. Weasley, he says something like: “There was a moment where I felt really angry at Dumbledore, like I wanted to…”

Dumbledore had one in HBP but I forgot what it was.

I enjoyed the movie but agree that the book(s) is (are) better.

The part I was sorry to see cut was the beginning of the book when Dumbledore meets Harry at the Dursleys’ (“Sadly, accidental rudeness . . .” and “Kreacher won’t, Kreacher won’t, Kreacher, won’t, won’t, WON’T”). It is funny to read and could have been a great scene.

Kreacher, of course wasn’t in the movie at all, nor was Dobby.

I have heard that they filmed the scene with Dobby’s grave for the 7th movie. How will anyone know who he was and what he meant to Harry?

I agree that the Burrow scene was dumb. Why were they all standing around watching the fire instead of trying to put it out? I felt like shouting, “The spell is ‘Aguamenti’!”

I thought the Slughorn character was very well done. And the romantic stuff was good too.

Anyway, I will certainly watch the next 2 movies, but if you really want to know the story, read the books!

I was really mad at the 3rd and 4th movies for a while, because I felt they skipped so much (they completely wrote Sirius out of the 4th, still mad at that), but my mom told me to just lookat the movies and books as two different thing, to not nit pick. I’ve watched both movies again and found that I could enjoy them if i didn’t compare them to the books. I went to The Order of the Phoenix and The Half Blood Prince with my mind set on just watching and enjoying the movies, and not trying to pick out everything they left out. I really enjoyed the last two because of that.

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