MOVIES: Horton Hears a Who .... Pro-Life undertones & Easter Analogies?! :)

For starters, I if you haven’t seen the movie, and don’t want to potentially spoil anything before seeing the movie… stop reading :slight_smile:

I went with my family to take my 3 year old nephew to the new movie at the Theaters, Horton Hears a Who. There were some amazing dialog between the characters that had pro-life undertones.The quick background: Horton, a helpful elephant, hears a voice coming from a spec of dust that is floating in the air around him. He catches the dust spec, on a flower that he is holding, and keeps listening, only to find that the spec is actually a little world of its own, made up of “Whos” (Dr. Seuss’s little people creation).

When Horton keeps interacting with the dust particle, it bothers a few other jungle animals, mainly a female kangaroo. She wants him to stop “pretending” that he hears voices in that spec. As Horton keep communicating and building a friendship with different Whos that inhabit the spec, his own life is threatened as he is considered crazy by the jungle members, who are going to cage him up. Horton, this loving elephant, is willing to die, in attempt to save the tiniest of people, living on this spec.

The entire jungle community still thinks he is crazy, and then begin all the dialog about the tiniest of people, if they are people or not. The kangaroo states: If you can’t see it, touch it, or feel it, its not real. Horton challenges such a comment.

Like a good carton movie… the moral of the story is based in the idea that all people no matter how small (I’m thinking embryos and unborn babies/people) are important and have the right to life. Horton is praised as a jungle animal favorite, only to be soon be the target of the jungle, and result in possible death… and his willingness to give up his life to save another… it just reminds me of Palm Sunday and the Holy Week… and of course Easter Sunday.

Happy Easter Everyone!

I want to see this movie with my kids.:slight_smile:

I understand that Dr Seuss’s widow was quite irritated by protesters outside the premier who chanted, “A person is a person; no matter how small.” I believe that both her and Dr Seuss are/were strong supporters of Planned Parenthood. :rolleyes:

Even if they didn’t intend for that saying to have pro-life implications, it does. I’m sure Joseph’s brothers didn’t intend for their betrayal of him to save their lives, but it did. :slight_smile:

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