MOVIES: "Iron Man"

This was the best superhero movie I’ve ever seen. Please tell me someone else here saw it, too.

I’ve seen it twice. I think it’s the best Marvel superhero movie, but Batman Begins tops it.

Ah, but Batman isn’t a superhero. He’s a detective. :slight_smile:

I had only a passing familiarity with Iron Man, mostly from other Marvel comics that interest me more. I knew who Tony, Pepper and Rhoady were, and the basic origin story of Iron Man, but that was it. I half-expected the Mandarin to be the villain. The character who turned out to be the villain was unknown to me, but that made the movie all the better for me, since the identity of the villain was not immediately evident.

After seeing the movie, I went online and read up on it. Apparently the original plan was to make it as a light-hearded action/comedy :eek: . I’m so glad that they decided to treat it more seriously.

I went and saw this on opening weekend. I have to say that it rocked. I’ll agree with Bataar that Batman Begins was better, but it’s easily the best movie based on a Marvel comic. I’ve always been a DC fan personally, but I’ve since added Iron Man to my comic subscription list. Kudos to Marvel on a great movie. :thumbsup:

Loved Ironman…also loved Batman Begins.

I also enjoy looking for Stan Lees cameo appearances.

I agree, Batman Begins cannot be topped (well, maybe The Dark Knight will top it), but Iron Man was a close second. Robert Downey Jr really made the movie though, it wouldn’t have been nearly as good without him.

Also wait for Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury cameo at the end of the credits. :thumbsup:

Yeah, see, we left when the credits started rolling. Only later did I learn about that extra scene. Oh well, I’ll be buying the DVD anyway.

2 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Wish I’d read this thread before going to see the film, but missing the cameo. :frowning:


The only thing I didn’t like about Iron Man was the first 2 hours. It reminded me the Godzilla VS Movies where he would fight other monsters. The scene with the 2 robots fighting wasn’t anything original. There wasn’t anything funny about it either. I would give it 2 stars. I don’t understand what people like about this movie.

I look forward to Indiana Jones and The Happening.

there was a reason why two "robots"were fighting…they were PEOPLE

Gozilla is corny…this wasn’t

IRon Man was an awesome movie

Indy IV will probably suck…I keep hearing “Ok” reviews…I’m keeping my expectations low.
The Happening looks fine, but you never hear how good M.Night’s movies are until they premiere.

I’m looking forward to the Dark Knight…THAT looks like Pure awesomeness

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