MOVIES: Joan Rivers docu (2010)

Non spoiler: When she made the Helen Keller joke in that one bit, and the heckler said he was offended because he had a deaf son, was that part scripted? It’s hard to believe the guy would have signed a release for that moment to be in the movie. And it’s hard to believe he would have bought a ticket not knowing who she was: wouldn’t that casino have put a warning on the ads that it’s not for the easily offended? I think it was in Wisconsin, IIRC.

Great movie, by the way: camera crew follows her around for a year and she talks about all her insecurities and whatnot. Kinda makes you feel really sorry for her, with all she’s been through. (And, yes, she has been through a lot that wasn’t covered in the movie - getting blackballed from NBC because Johnny Carson was peeved she took that show on Fox? That was the least of her problems.) I’m guessing there’s a ton of footage that will probably show up on the DVD. Definitely not a kids movie, though.

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