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Anyone watch Knowing currently playing in theatres?

Pretty cool…

Albeit, not exactly the best disaster flick I’ve seen, but still very entertaining. I think my fave is Cloverfield along with the copycat Quarantine.

I saw this last weekend. It was entertaining… I liked the idea. Couldn’t figure out the creepy white men wearing black… the “whispers”… angels/demons/aleins?? Hahaaa

I personal did not like it whan I saw it. It was way to random. I mean the main charcter just starts to cirlce numbers for no really good reason. Then in the end complety random aliens. Were did then come from and why then did the aliens leave the children then took on a plant with nothing. I mean then just strand them there. Maybe it is beacuse I just could not make sense of the plot but I would say this is one of worst films I have ever seen

The original script didn’t really have aliens. It was the director’s idea since he didn’t want it to have that much of a spiritual bent.

I found the movie very entertaining and fascinating. There was action, a few scary moments and many interesting ideas thrown into this movie. Sci Fi fans should not be disappointed. But my main point about the movie is that it introduces to people (particularly non-believers) an end of times scenario that honors the possibility of a Higher Power (God). It shows that our actions on Earth will affect our souls in the afterlife. I’m sure alot of people who saw the movie scratched their heads afterward and thought that this movie’s outcome could possibly happen in real life. Hopefully, these people will take more serious their belief in God. Anyway, I gave the movie two thumbs up for its effort. God Bless and take care.

This was my teenage son’s take on it also. He said by the end of the movie, he & his friends were actually laughing because it was so stupid.

OP - I did love Cloverfield! :thumbsup:

DH and I saw it last weekend. We liked it a lot. I thought the little boy & girl were like “Adam and Eve”. I liked also that at the end (maybe I need to say SPOILER ALERT HERE)…the main character got back with his (minster) Dad and Mom and sister and that they all faced the End with a faith in God.

I liked “Knowing” but hated “Cloverfield” and I was really looking forward to it.

IMO, the beings were angels.

  1. I have a hard time believing in aliens that could make it to Earth and not have a way to set up some sort of shield.

  2. How would aliens know the future?


It was ok, but I wished I had waited and rented it instead.

I agree with you, Gary. The figures in the film were angels, but the filmmakers were too afraid of some sort of secular backlash had he depicted them as angels of the Almighty.


First off, when the main figure appears from the shadows in the boys room (BTW, my wife freaked out) and stood by as the boy saw the horrific image of the forest fire (with that awful CGI moose on fire), the figure was acting very much as a messenger of God, offering the child the apocalyptic image, much like I would think the prophets received their revelations.

Then, when Nicholas Cage’s character chases down the figure in the woods, and then confronts the figure with the revolver, the figure simply opened his mouth and blinds Nicholas Cage with a bright light that comes from within the figure. Being that an angel is a being of Divine light, I would safely argue that Nicholas Cage’s character had faced down an angel, who retaliated with the blinding light of the Almighty.

Also, the two innocent children instinctively knew that these figures were not going to harm them. Much like the shepherds in the Bible.

And, at the end, the four figures take to their natural state of being, appearing as some sort of ethereal beings with what could only be described as wings. I knew that these figures, who were to protect the two children, were initially intended to be angels, but became some kind of alien figure to maximize profit without succumbing to a secular backlash.

I was quite disappointed when I came to the end of the film. I had hoped that the directors examination of the theories of Chaos and Determinism would lead to a stark realization of the nature of the universe. But, alas, it was not to be as another promising movie premise succumbs to the radical, occult-leaning, secular notions of Hollywood.

Oh well.

Dominus vobsicum,

Knowing just came out on DVD so my dh and I rented it. So glad we didn’t buy it!. I thought the whole tone of the thing mean-spirited. I mean, SPOILER ALERT! the original little girl who was getting the messages grows up, gets married (who would have such an oddball for a wife anyway?) has a child, tells this child when she’s going to die (creeeeeeeepy! and mean!!!) and then commits suicide long before the final event she knows is coming happens–what was that all about? Nope, we didn’t care for any of that. Nor the gratuitous violence, either.

And then the religious undertone was spoiled with the creepy “whisper” people who will only save those children, apparently, who love nature? Huh? What was wrong with the rest of the children of the world? And why would any otherworldly beings think those kids more likely to create a utopia than any others? Didn’t the screenwriter ever hear of a little thing call original sin?

And if these beings were able to predict the future why couldn’t they change it? And why, if they had such advanced technology couldn’t they have just come here long before the sun’s flare, told us about it, and helped us make plans to prevent it or get everyone possible to another, safer world?

There were so many holes in the story’s logic, and it was told so haphazardly, that I was constantly being taken out of it with questions that never got answered or in any way addressed. From my dh and I–two thumbs way down!

we just rented Knowing last week. i liked it. at the end, we figured they were not aliens, but angels. we also thought the children were like Adam and Eve. we saw other lights going up to Heaven and didn’t know if they also contained other people to help start the world over.

there were a few corny parts, like how he could find the exact same closet where they found the girl and that that same door would still be there for him to take home and sand and find what she had scratched on there.

for hollywood, i have definitely seen a lot worse!

I’m not sure if this is true, but I read that the movie was religious in nature, displaying many Scientology beliefs. I’m not sure if Nick Cage is in the church of scientology, but I believe is (ex?) wife Lisa Marie Presley is.

Anyway, I loved the movie.

i don’t know anything about the religious beliefs of nick cage. was he married to lisa marie presley or were they just living together, i have forgotten. anyhow, perhaps, a little bit of scientology was in the movie. i don’t know very much about the church of scientology.

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