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I saw the preview for this movie over the weekend. The official site for the movie states the plot as the following “When God loses faith in mankind, He sends his legion of Angels to bring the Apolcalypse. Humanities only hope lies in a group of strangers trapped in a desert diner and thr Archangel Michael.”

Has anyone seen anything further about it?

Wow that sounds cheesy.

Legion is literally the name of demonic entity that’s responsible for the occult book “A Course in Miracles”. Legion is name of the same demon Jesus cast out in the Gospels. Sharon Lee Giganti, who is a frequent guest on Catholic Answers, mentions this in her stuff… I fact-checked it when I heard about it, and sure enough, it checks out… “We are Legion, for we are many.” (Mk 5:9, Luke 8:30)

I have no doubt the movie “Legion” will be as benign and forgettable as “Constantine” was (that movie was a hoot)…that it’s being released in January should be a big heads-up about that (awful moves are ALWAYS released in January)… but the real, literal Legion is not benign at all.

thanks for posting this, i saw the trailer two months back, its about St Michele the archangel going against God trying to protect baby Jesus (not yet born) against an Armageddon inflicted by Gods angles. Obviously there taking christian teaching and twisting it to make a quick buck, such a shame.

Why would God want to kill Himself in human form? This is sooo stupid. :rolleyes:

Yes, precisely what I thought, it’s rather ridiculous. They try to use Christian theology, but then mess it up with the fundamental fact that Jesus IS GOD.

I think more Catholics need to see the trailer and laugh.

God gets fed up with us, and sends the angels to kill us all. His most faithful angel Prince Michael decides to be just as faithful as good ol’ Lucifer and rebels to protect God’s own creation.

The Granny angel implicitly states God wants to kill Jesus. God wants to kill himself. God is committing a sin. Oh, my, God :shrug:

It doesn’t even look like good Hollywood escapism.

I saw the trailer as well, it looked like a warmed-over version of Constantine. I really don’t have any issue with these types of movies as long as they are understood to be entertainment and not theology. Then again, I won’t be going to see it either.

I found Constatine to be slightly better, only if the universe suspended your disbelief. This one though, is crazy weird. It’s like a B-movie with half-hearted Bible study.

I’m not saying the film was and should go under theological scrutiny, but I think the movie-going audience, religious or not, would like the filmmakers to think they’re a lot smarter than that.

Looks like a generic horror/thriller to me.

How so? I am interested.

They do that with every cosmology out there. Mostly due to being to lazy to do any research.

The trailer looks incredibly bad.

Like “City of Angels” and “The Crow,” “Constantine” took an interesting premise and fell way short. (I have to admit, there were a couple scenes that had me chuckling, though, like the holy water in the sprinkler system raining down on the demons in the hospital.)

But this movie appears to be blasphemous, stupid, and just all-around bad. I wouldn’t even watch it for a laugh.

Yeah, it looks terribad.

The first minute of the trailer looked promising, and then it just nosedived after that!

what do you guys think of this movie?

Looks interesting?

WARNING to parents with young children, this TRAILER HAS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE & FOUL LANGUAGE (kind of like regular TV…)

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


Looks worth missing. Beware of movies released in January, after the Christmas Vacation season. Wall-crawling Granny was a hoot.

i just like movies based on any aspect of the catholic faith, no matter how far fetched (as long as it isnt dangerous)

i dont like how michael said “im following my own orders” its kinda like what satan said.

but ill see it and report back.

[quote=Legion (film) - Wikipedia]After God loses faith in humanity, the archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) is the only one standing between mankind and the apocalypse.

From a theological perspective, I’m hard pressed to think of a more absurd premise.

I concur. That’s the worst idea for a movie I’ve ever heard.

I want to see it, but I often like the off the wall type movies. The weirder the better. I don’t even mind the twists it puts on the angels and what not. Imagination is a great thing imo. :slight_smile:

I was planning on watching the movie myself. I’ve been threatening my sister-in-law saying that i would take her. She saw that wall crawling granny and said “never!” She cant stand movies with anything scary

God bless,

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