MOVIES: Legion

Do we know the ending? :wink:

SAINT Michael falls from grace…He becomes a DEMON.
God is exterminating man though Christ may be coming in Glory…but not as Scripture says, but through the vessel of another woman; not the Blessed Virgin so He then has two mothers.
St. Gabriel fights St. Michael…

how does this look even remotely interesting…this movie is evil and motivated by satan.

ill still see it.

Man, this movie takes itself way too seriously for such a ridiculous premise. Seriously, this movie could only be win if it included Bruce Campbell as the angel protagonist.

Possibility #1: God “changes His mind” when the baby Jesus is born again on Earth.
Possibility #2: God was “just testing” his angels and man, he wasn’t really planning on having Judgment Day happen just yet.

Take your pick, either one is equally absurd. :rolleyes:

Oh no, not my beloved St. Michael! I can usually cut some slack for plainly heretical movies when they are portrayed as fiction (heck, I enjoyed Constantine) BUT this is going a bit far. You know, there a lot of ways this could have been a cool movie if redemption and the goodness of God is woven in but somehow I doubt that is how it plays out. I will keep an eye out for reviews.

Looked up reviews at IMDB by people who have seen screenings, basically confirm everything we suspect here. Nonsense plot that never adds up. Oh well.

I saw a trailer for this just yesterday. It looks absolutely awful. St. Michael as a fallen angel, but still the “good guy” because God is sending all the rest of his angels (who are portrayed more like demons) to kill all of humanity…and then the humans killing them with machine guns. Horrible. I will definitely not be watching this one.

In Christ,

The more I read about this film the less I like it. I do enjoy action/fantasy films. I really liked Constantine and The Devil’s Advocate. I treat them as fiction and suspend my disbelief as I do when I watch other films and read fiction. However, I am concerned about the portrayal of God and Angels when viewers don’t have a grounding in true faith.

MercyMia, can you share the plot/ending with us (maybe use white text for those who don’t want spoilers)? I got on IMDB but wasn’t able to find the plot details in the message board. There is no way I’m going to waste money on this movie, but the premise is such a train wreck I want to find out how they resolve the unresolvable?

If I had to guess, I’m putting money on the Christ-child being born from the waitress (after Michael slays countless angels and beats Gabriel) and God the Father stops the extermination of humanity in exchange for Jesus. Ugh, I feel like a blasphemer for even guessing at what the ending of this movie is.

After all that I’ve seen and read, I don’t think I could sit through this movie without wishing that I could erase it from my memory. I’m highly disappointed that St. Michael would be portrayed as a fallen angel. I have wanted to see a high budget Hollywood movie starring St. Michael for a long time. Furthermore, I was hoping it would be about St. Michael leading the angels into battle on God’s behalf against satan and later relegating him to hell. Leave it to Hollywood to rewrite Revelations. :rolleyes: Unfortunately, this movie is dangerous, since some may take this movie as prophecy.

I had a feeling the movie was moving somewhere along these lines, actually I had origianlly suspected that Satan would be “humanities saviour”, you know to add extra edgyness. I’ll be missing this one, no matter how “cool” the special effects might be.

I concur with regard to the theological obsuridty of this all, St. Michael’s very name means “who is like God”, a statement to those whom oppose God.

I’ll be missing it - satan making movies about itself again.

I have caught glimpses of the previews for this movie and honestly I find it rather disturbing that the name of the movie is “Legion”. With Michael going against God - albeit under the guise of protecting the human race (he is still going against God) - that makes him a demon. Once an angel exercises his own will and it is not in line with God’s will, he is considered to be a fallen angel. Which is where I find it interesting that they named it Legion…And he (Jesus) asked him (the man), “What is thy name?” And he answered, saying, “My name is Legion: for we are many.” Mark 5:9.

So we have a nice “religious” movie where the glorious St. Michael ends up defending man - and going against God - and they call it Legion…hmmm…I think I agree with the earlier post that this thing may be straight outta Hades!! :eek: Besides…this definitely falls into the “horro” category!! Those previews are a little frightening



Constantine? tsk tsk

Ugh, so, we can accept spiritual fiction as long as Keanu Reeves is the saviour?

Remember Michael (I didn’t see it). Michael dies and comes back to life?

What about, “The Prophecy”? (Even worse, it had sequels, which I did not see.) St. Gabriel (Christopher Walkin) wages war against God (he is a redemable character in the 3rd movie), sucks out people’s souls, and (as I’m reading Wikipedia) gets his heart torn out by Lucifer.

At least “The Book of Eli” has Gary Oldman in it…

Though, alright, I can’t hate Paul Bettany.

This show will be viewed by millions, if not billions, young impressionable children as well. It also seems to be spurring an emotional reaction within the human emotional structure, against God himself, even if it’s just fantasy, the feelings are real…It’s mega enticing with the special effects, but I think I’ll pass on it. They could do the same effects and get much more scripturaly accurate, but I guess, the shock factor won’t be as effective, via. for popular media and culture these days.

I have read a lot about this and this is nothing but another anti catholic film that jewish/atheist hollywood is releasing and trying to hype up. This movies biggest reason it was created is to attack Christianity that and off course to make money.

Let us note, this film is an afront to Judaism as well (before we get carried away…)

I think I’m old enough, educated enough and secure enough in my faith to cope with fiction. In addition, if I choose to see it then I can intelligently discuss exactly how this film is inaccurate and dangerous for those who do not have a strong grounding in faith. I’m an adult, there are some decisions that I can make for myself. If the Catholic Church comes out and asks for a boycott then I’ll do so as a show of Catholic solidarity.

The only argument for a Catholic not to see it - and I think that it is a good argument, is that buying a ticket supports those who made it and encourages unwholesome fiction continuing to be produced.

Personally I don’t like the horror genre, but I do like fictionalised spiritual warfare.


I think you hit the nail on the head as to why I refuse to support the film. I don’t want to provide my economic support for it. I’m not sure one really needs to see the film, if they understand the very premise, to discuss the theological inaccuracies found in it.

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