MOVIES: Letters to Juliet

Has anyone seen this movie yet? Your review, please.


I’m possibly going to see it this weekend. I’ll repost my review if we do!

I’m bumping this thread because I’d really like to know if this movie is worth watching. Has anyone seen it yet?

Saw it and very much enjoyed it. A nice date movie. Predictable story line, but done well enough that one doesn’t mind. Vanessa Redgrave is outstanding in it. The female lead is charming as well.

First of all, I loved that the movie was PG - it is so rare to find a good romantic comedy that does not include a sexy scene of some sort or PG-13 rating anymore. The PG rating probably referred to the fact that characters were living together before marriage (a point actually key to the plot).

It IS very slow getting started, and I agree it was a little predictable.

But it is cute, downright funny in places, and as I said before, fairly clean and that was enough to leave me with a good impression.

Yeah, it’s really nice! It’s kinda a chick flick but quite heartwarming! In a way, it can be a good movie for engaged couples so they can evaluate their relationship once more.

It was ok. The scenery was beautiful, which was my favourite part. But I’m not so keen on the whole idea of true love as portrayed in the film. That seemed a bit superficial.
But at least it ended with a nice Catholic wedding :smiley:

I saw nothing in that wedding that made me think it could only be Catholic nuptial.

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