Movies like Bella: Pro-life/Catholic/Inspirational

I have recently re-discovered the amazing movie Bella and I have watched it 3 nights in a row because that is how much I absolutely love this movie. I would like to know some other great movies like Bella that are either pro-life, Catholic or are just inspirational in the amazing way that this movie is.:slight_smile:

I would have to say the movie RUDY with Sean Astin playing the lead role. It was great to see throughout the movie how the title character would pray to God in church for his dream to become a reality.

Everytime this movie comes up on TV despite the fact that I already own it I still watch it from beginning to end.

God bless

JustRebecca- Let me tell you I absolutely love that movie too.

Whenever you have time please check out Edurado Verastegu “life story”

To answer your questions my suggestions would be:

  1. August Rush

  2. Waitress <–(Personally, I didn’t really enjoy the main character of this movie too much)

  3. Jane Oke movies

  4. The Gift

  5. I enjoy old movies like “To Kill a mockingbird”

I enjoy “Rudy” as well.

Best wishes in finding an inspirational, Pro-Life, Catholic movie


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