MOVIES: Mary, Mother of Christ

So I thought I would let everyone know about this exciting movie project that is currently in "Pre-production". The Project?

Mary, Mother of Christ

There is a casting list up as of now and someone named Camilla Belle is set to play Mary.

Of particular interest (and excitement I'm sure) Benedict Fitzgerald, who wrote the screenplay of "The Passion of the Christ", is one of the screenwriters for this film! :thumbsup: in fact according to a blog I provide a link to below, both screenwriters on this film (Benedict and a woman named Barbara Nicolosi) are Catholic! (Maybe books on the life of Mary as written by the Saints will be used?)

The film is set to be released in 2012 according to IMDB, but since it's still supposedly in "Pre-Production" it may be a bit longer (let's pray it's not!)

Anyway, here's the imdb page link and the blog link I was referring to:

God Bless!

I have been trying to follow this project for quite some time now. The last I heard, they were supposed to start filming back in March. But there has been no updates since. I really hope the project wasn't cancelled.

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