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So, we borrowed the DVD “Meet the Robinsons” from the library about ten days ago. We have it for another four days, I think. (I need to check the due date). I watched it once with my kids. I found it to be odd and surreal and wondered while watching it if the folks involved in making it were taking some kind of drug during the creative process. BUT, my kids love it and have chosen to watch it several times over the past ten days when they are allowed to watch something. Maybe I should try to watch it again, but I am too aware that if I do watch it again, that that is time I’ll never get back, so I’m not inclined to do that. I don’t get why anyone would want to watch it once (I only watched it all the way through because my kids were seeing it) or more. Maybe I missed something? Does anyone else find the charm that my kids see while watching it? Or, is it the very weird movie that I saw? Or, both? My little guy says it is both.

Yes I see the charm in the movie,my six year old daughter loved it.

Little kids often like to see things over and over, that not unusual.

Once was enough for me but I did like it.

This is the way kids are…
I remember me and my sister watched Lion King until we memorized every single line in the movie, literally. We used to recited the whole thing on long trips.

And don’t remind me of Bambi she saw that thing until the VHS cassette wore out.

Well, my little guy is also 6, so maybe his age helps explain some of the appeal of this movie to him. However, my 13 and 11-year olds like it a lot too. I guess I just missed the charm.

Ah, “Lion King” is a great movie. My 6-year just discovered that one and “Lion King 2, Simba’s Pride” a couple of weeks ago and would have watched them every day, multiple times a day if I had let him. As it was, he did watch one every day for about 2 weeks. His older siblings loved them and watched them a lot several years ago too. We don’t own “Lion King 1-1/2”, but I’ve been waiting for it to come in so I can borrow it from the library.

I do know kids love to watch the same movie over and over again. I was just curious about the appeal of the specific movie, “Meet the Robinsons” because I didn’t see the appeal. It is a little bit out there IMO.:slight_smile:

It’s actually one of the kids movies that I will watch with my kiddos. I thought it was wonderful that Lewis found a family and even cried at the end, but I think I was a bit hormonal that day:rolleyes:. I also thought how wonderful it was that Pixar showed adoption is such a positive light.

The comedy was great. Pixar has yet to disappoint me with any of their movies, unlike Disney and other company’s.

Well, apparently crying is not an uncommon reaction to the movie. I checked it out on the IMDb message board and several other folks (40) had that reaction too. I think this movie bears a second viewing to see what I overlooked. Since it is not a new release, I can renew it from the library.

Thanks, all!

It’s funny, I am COMPLETELY with you on this opinion. You actually brought back memories for me, because I saw this several years ago with the kids in the theatre. I had to watch it in 3-D, & maybe 3-D wasn’t as good back then, because it made me kind of physically ill. Driving home was unpleasant.

Anyway, I thought they were amazingly creative, but from what I remember it was so bizarre that I just didn’t get drawn in. I remember cracking up over the dinosaur with the little arms, though…

Bizarre is the perfect word to describe the movie, in my current opinion.:thumbsup: But, I guess I’ll try to watch it again if my kids remain enamored of it, since this is movie night this week and they may choose it. If they’ve lost interest, though, I probably won’t watch it again.

Good luck! :thumbsup: What a good parent you are. For me, it’s at least interesting to imagine how such exceptionally creative people come up with this stuff, since I don’t have a creative bone in my body. I remember when I was younger, & got into progressive music. With some of the wierder stuff, I would just enjoy wondering, “What were they thinking?!”

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