Movies on eBay?

Hi everyone,

I want to buy the Jesus of Nazareth movie so I searched eBay and found good prices. But the price is roughly half of what charges and the item ships from Korea. I wonder if is a bootleg copy? Have anyone bought movies on eBay? Can you comment on their authenticity?

Link to eBay “Jesus of Nazareth” mvie.


Buying off of Ebay is like buying from Amazon. There are several different sellers all over the world. You’ll want to pay close attention to the seller’s feedback, that’s always my main concern. And always read the whole discription.

I have never had problems with getting authentic items from Ebay, however, like I said, it depends on the seller. I always try to buy from sellers with feedback as close as possible to 100%. If you’ve got a power seller that sells hundreds of items a month, that will need to be taken into consideration when reviewing their feedback.

I know this doesn’t really give you a yes or no answer, but I’m hoping this will help you in your decision on who to buy from.

Happy Ebaying!

I second Maria’s suggestion. You need to check out the feedback on the seller.

I know that, one time, my brother was searching for a hard-to-find CD and found it on eBay. A seller had one copy of it. He checked the seller feedback and the negative comments all had to do with the seller giving them CDRs of the CD they wanted. My brother didn’t order, but noticed that, as soon as that copy was sold, another one went right up there.

Now, I’m not sure how common this is, but it is possible, so you need to pay close attention to the feedback.

generally if its a dvd coming from asia, its bootleg

Dunno what Amazon is charging, but it’s $23 at Deep Discount:

This company frequently has hard to find and out of prints, like Grace Slick’s classic ‘Dreams’ album on CD. It was one of those orphans of the change over, released on LP, never re-released on CD except in Hong Kong. Used copies were going for $150 on ebay and Amazon before they re-issued it [again in Hong Kong]. DeepDiscount imported a bunch, I bought two…

Speaking of…

I remember years back that I was looking for a DVD on a particular movie and wasn’t sure if it was avialable since the movie was made in the 80s…
I actually found it on
I’ve bought some movies from there also.

It’s safe to say that the movie is a bootleg. You even have to be careful buying movies from people here in the U.S. because I have purchased bootleg movies from U.S. sellers.

When my brother was stationed in Iraq back in 2004, he sent back a lot of movies that he bought from street vendors that were obviously fake. Some of them were good quality and others were bad. Like Spiderman 2. During most of the movie, you could only see half the screen and at times, the camera would face the floor and then back at the screen.

I bought a copy of Star Wars 3 - Revenge of the Sith on eBay the day after it started playing. I knew it was bootleg, but it was a good copy. The opening credits were in some other language, but the rest of the movie was flawless.

Do your home work and check the persons feedback before buying.

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