MOVIES: Padre Pio: Miracle Man

I just finished watching Padre Pio: Miracle Man. Great movie! It was aired as movie on Italian television about 10 years ago but I got it via Netflix. It is in Italian with subtitles but very accessable and entertaining. A bit long so I had to watch it in 3 sections. Very beautiful and simple.

And a little bit of a personal back story:

A friend had suggested this movie a few months ago. I really didn’t know anything about Padre Pio other than he was the guy with the stigmata. My husband went to add it to our Netflix list but it was “rare” so it might be a long while until we could get it and if it was next in the list we wouldn’t get any of our other movies until that one came in. Not wanting to hold up the rest on our list, my husband took it out of the que - but it was in the saved list so we could watch for and remember to add it back some time later. Now, pan to a few weeks ago - Someone on here posted the Padre Pio novena 9 days before his feast day. I was having a slow morning so I did the entire Novena in one sitting. I was really impressed with the words of Padre Pio and felt very content after the novena. About 2 hours later I check my email and to my surprise what is in my inbox but a Netflix notice…For Friday: Padre Pio:Miracle Man. BTW we have about a dozen other movies in our saved list that have been there for months and months and we have never received any of them randomly.

Now I don’t know what to say about this but I have a feeling Padre Pio was indeed listening :slight_smile:

I agree… good flick!

Glad you recommend this movie. I have it coming up next on my Netflix queue.

I am currently reading “Padre Pio: The True Story” by Bernard Ruffin and it’s not surprising he was canonized. He had so many miraculous things occur in his life: seeing and talking to his and other people’s guardian angels, seeing and talking to our Lord and our Lady, nightly beatings by the devil, the ability to bilocate, not to mention that he experienced the stigmata for quite a few years.
And through it all, he remained humble and totally dedicated to our Lord. He was always cheerful and kind to other people. The only exception was when he had to admonish someone in the confessional. What a shining example he was and I’m sure he’s a great interssessor to anyone who asks for his help.
I’m glad I’ll have the chance to see this movie about him.

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