MOVIES: 'Penelope' ~ Anyone seen it?

Has anyone seen this movie? Wanted review…

appropriate for preteen children?
good story?
thumbs up or down?


Yes, its a cute movie. All ages can see it.

Nice family movie.

Best line, well, Im no Penelope.



Thanks Scott! :thumbsup:

It’s great family movie, one that the whole family can enjoy.

it’s amazing, i have watched it twice

Would also highly recommend the Horton movie.

Not a stretch to see that movie within a pro-life Christian framework (not that I know that they had that in mind).


I just saw this twice & LOVED it. I was considering taking my daughter with some of her friends, so I saw it once to check it out 1st. They all loved it.

It has great messages for everyone, & especially junior high kids about accepting yourself & others, not being superficial, etc… It does depend on the child, though. I knew my youngest would be afraid of the witch scenes, though most would consider them to be very tame. I also thought many kids under 8 or 9 just might not understand as much & be a little bored by it. Nothing really bad for them, just kind of a mature theme.

I just remember Reese Witherspoon making a joke about her ex-boyfriend that I think was over the heads of the kids I was with. Really cute film! :thumbsup:

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