MOVIES: Pirates of the Carribean "Stranger Tides"

Holy Guacamole did anyone see that last night???
I almost logged on…at 11:45 pm…just to blab about how surprisingly GOOD that movie was! Seriously!

It had depth. Substance. I’m still tripping…

From the first scene, where the sailors pull a man aboard and make the signs of the cross, till the very end…when the spaniards come in and *oh my gosh oh my gosh I don’t wanna give away the ending But ooooh my goodness! I so enjoyed that movie last night!

‘You are seeking what only faith can give you’ :D:D

:thumbsup::thumbsup: and :thumbsup::thumbsup: for my toe thumbs! Great turn around. I was expecting more of the same, but never saw that coming. :smiley:

Awesome! I’m supposed to see Bridesmaids with some friends tonight. I’ll try to check out Pirates soon though!


Bridesmaids of the Caribbean… now there is a movie I would go to see. Although I am not sure who would play Capt. Jack.

Uhh yeaaah I can’t even piggyback that one with something funny :smiley:


It’s a good movie Dale!

“I agree with the missionaries position” :rotfl:

No but seriously the whole thing is about saving souls and redemption! :slight_smile:

Oooo I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so much as it is (I have a teeny crush on Jack Sparrow) and now I want to see the new one even more!

most critics I’ve heard pretty much panned this one; just shows how in touch with the audience the critics are…

I saw it yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised as I knew there would not be a continuation of the Will/Elizabeth storyline that I liked in the past 3 Pirates movies. I actually enjoyed it, and Johnny Depp as Captain Sparrow definitely a great performance.

The panning has me a little hesitant to see it because I still think the 1st movie was far superior to the sequels and I wouldn’t have minded one bit if the whole franchise stopped there. I’ve already got this bias that it’s going to suffer from some sequalitis. I wasn’t really as impressed with 2 and 3 as I was with 1 as far as the story goes. Things just moved too fast to properly digest anything.

The major reasons why I’m interested in this one are 1.) Will and Elizabeth are out. Not that I didn’t like the romance. It’s just that they got closure and I would have hated to see them get dragged up again. 2.) Barbossa is still in (he’s the one character I enjoy more than Sparrow…and yes I was initially dismayed that he was dragged up again at the end of 2 but I just enjoy watching him so much that by the end of 3 I didn’t care anymore). I’ll probably end up seeing it at some point. I’m glad to hear some positive opinions.

Yes! It was totally different, no Will/Elizabeth - and Depp playing Sparrow, you know how he does that…drunk…twirly handy thingy…and he lops about? I understand it’s the ‘character’ and I love it - but in all the other movies I thought it bordered downright cheesy. Don’t you think he was much more serious in this one? I mean, he still did the hand thingy, but he seemed like a ‘sober Jack’. All around I just thought it was so much better.

This was me all the way up to the opening scene :smiley: I feel the saaame way about sequels. But I was pleasantly surprised. I hope you guys come back after you see it so we can laugh and talk about it I don’t want to spoil it for you!!! :smiley:

I enjoyed the sequels more than the original. No real hesitation to see this one because it’s just light weight entertainment.

I just saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and LOVED it!!! Don’t listen to all those critics, the movie was amazing and better than 2 & 3, not as good as #1, because that one is basically perfect.

However the movie definitely had a religious meaning it and a Catholic one at that! One of the supporting characters, Phillip, is a missionary from England and he is onboard Blackbeard’s ship. Just his whole character brings up a bunch of religious quotes and discussions. Also there are the Spanish in this movie too, because they are all trying to find the Fountain of Youth. But what the Spanish do at the end is amazing and so great with a Catholic meaning, you just have to watch to find out!!

It was also a pro-Catholic movie because there is sort of the whole battle between Catholicism and Protestantism going on throughout the whole movie and Catholicism definitely wins this battle, because of what the Spanish do at the end and because of the Protestant missionary(he is a good guy, but he sort of changes throughout the way, which makes it just great!)

Please check this movie out, it is amazing!!!:):):):):):slight_smile:

The critics are also the ones who praised the pro-Catholic Oscar nominee “Of Gods And Men” and numerous G-rated/family movies that were ignored by audiences, like “Food, Inc.” and David Lynch’s “The Straight Story” - not to mention the legendary Werner Herzog’s G-rated now-showing “Cave of Forgotten Dreams,” which is also in 3D - oh, what I’d give to hear people raving about “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” in Catholic circles. What an intelligent, thoughtful, and clean masterpiece-! :thumbsup:

The “audiences” are often wrong. Shocking, but true.

Spoil away. If it weren’t in 3D, not sure I’d really want to bother with it.

I really loved the first film.

The 2nd film… I can’t even remember what happened in it. I certainly wasn’t impressed.

The 3rd… kinda glad I didn’t pay to see it in the cinema and watched it at a friend’s on DVD. It made absolutely no sense and I wholeheartedly agree with the critics.

Unsurprisingly, I am loathe to spend my scarce money on film tickets if its anything like the last two. I have heard from other friends that it’s good/okay.

And I do like Johnny Depp. :blush:

I believe the script for this movie was based on a book written by Catholic fantasy author Tim Powers. I enjoyed the first 3 movies and look forward to seeing this one, but I haven’t made the time to go see it just yet.

was penelope cruz’s acting better than it is in the commercials for the movie?

Oh yes!! So much better!! I thought her character was going to be annoying, mostly just because I don’t really like her that much as an actress. But I wasn’t annoyed once by her character. She must have done a good job because I didn’t think anything at all about her character and wasn’t once hindered by my dislike for her!:):slight_smile:

just checked its playing in town :slight_smile:

This shouldn’t be too much of a spoiler.

Who else was cheering for the Spanish at the end?

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