MOVIES: Precious

Wow. Another decent, quality film, an Oscar nominee shoo-in, another Best of 2009 title ignored by both the Catholic Bishops Film Office AND Decent Films. Why am I not surprised? It’s no wonder there’s so much garbage in theaters. Catholics aren’t hearing about the quality independent films (some of which are getting major distribution) out there.

“Precious.” What a heartbreaking yet inspiring movie that is not a true story per se, but a fictional composite about an illiterate, overweight, pregnant teenager (carrying her father’s baby) who survives considerable physical, verbal and sexual abuse to get an education and improve her life. Mariah Carey plays a key role in the movie as a social worker.

This is a PRO-LIFE movie with a PRO-LIFE message: when Precious has to leave the ‘alternative school,’ her teacher insinuates she should get an abortion because she can’t support the kids (there’s two) on welfare. Thankfully, Precious chooses life. :thumbsup:

It’s like “Antwone Fisher,” but with a lot of “Imitation of Life” and “The Color Purple” thrown in. It is rated R for the implied and depicted scenes of child abuse (some of the scenes are just painful to watch), as well as some swearing. So, needless to say, not a kid’s movie. I nearly broke down and cried several times during the movie. And I’m a guy.

The next time you hear a Catholic movie critic on Catholic Answers Live or a comparable Catholic show, please be sure to call in and ask about “Precious” so more people are aware of this PRO-LIFE movie.

It was also endorsed by a PRO-LIFE president:

Across the country, an array of unrelated people and interest groups are embracing the movie. The National Education Assn. has jumped aboard the “Precious” bandwagon, as have former President George H.W. Bush and his wife, Barbara, an advocate for literacy (the couple are hosting a “Precious” screening in Houston).

I will hopefully be going to see this movie soon. It’s one of the few movies that have come out this year I am actually excited about.

Wow, thanks for letting us know this. I am excited to see it. :thumbsup:

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