Movies rated "O"

Would you watch a movie that the US Catholic Bishops gave a rating of “o” - morally offensive?

I would depending on why it recieved an O. One of my fav. movies is the Terminator series and they all got Os if i’m not mistaken. But I don’t know if doing so is a sin and am not an athourity on the subject. I wouldn’t reccomend seeing an O film to a person who wasn’t mature like a teen however.

Probably not. I go to movies for escape and relaxation, not to get angry. If the USCCB found a movie offensive, I am sure it would ring my bell too.

I have watched movies with the knowledge that they were rated “O”. I take their ratings into consideration when I make my decision, but that’s about it. They’re usually only a deciding factor if I couldn’t make up my mind about whether it looked offensive or not. It’s not like it’s a mortal sin to watch them (correct me if I’m wrong!), but – as they say – if you do watch them, expect your morals to be offended. (And also there’s that whole business about whether you should be supporting these kind of movies with your money).

I know this won’t surprise anyone but me, but I frequently agree with their ratings. (I’m just not used to agreeing with people! :D) A lot of the O-rated movies I ended up seeing really did offend my morals and I wished I hadn’t seen them.

But sometimes there are movies, like The Terminator movies, where I just don’t get it. :shrug: Maybe because they’re older reviews?

If there’s anything I said wrong, or missed, let me know. I certainly don’t want to lead anyone astray.

That would depend on WHY they made the judgement.:shrug:

I love Monty Python’s LIFE OF BRIAN, but am not sure if it has an “O” rating or not. But I find it hilarious, and some good satire on certain aspects of human behavior.:clapping:

Depends on the sort of morally offensive material, but most of the time, if I know beforehand, I wouldn’t watch it. Especially if it contains sexually explicit content. For some reason, my mother, father, and siblings don’t care though. :tsktsk:


I don’t care what the Bishops think of a movie. I am not at all offended by films with violence or swearing

The film ratings are the opinion of laity speaking in place of bishops. They bind nobody.
I would watch an “O” movie it was a good movie.

Yes. Yes I would watch an O rated movie, and have many times before.

Doubtful that I would watch an O movie. Most of them are extremely lame movies, with a lot of gratuitous sex and bathroom jokes. Not my kind of movies at all: they are made for people with dirty minds and low IQs, in my opinion.

If you watch any movie with the intentions on letting them “into your head” and define you or your actions, you should probably think twice. The Bishops ratings are to inform you, not make your decisions for you. I have watched many “O” movies and come away with, “Sure am glad I know the difference between acting and real life and know how I would act in that situation.” Some “O’ movies like “Knocked Up” and '40 Year Old Virgin” have a rather moral undertone, although Hollywood would NEVER blatently point it out! In “Knocked Up” the main character has a one night stand, ends up pregnant, and instead of rushing to the abortion mill, has the baby and ends up with the father, they even show 4 or 5 actual ultrasounds as the pregnancy progresses to show the baby actually forming! In 40 YOV, the main character desires to wait until true love and marriage to have sex despite his totally unmoral friends best efforts to “hook him up”. It is all a matter of personal taste and comfort level. If you dont like the tones of any movie,music, book, etc. move on!

An O rating doesn’t necessarily mean a film is mindless … I did a search for movies given an O rating by the USCCB and game up with titles such as “The Matrix,” “Training Day,” “Gangs of New York,” “American Beauty,” “Million Dollar Baby” and, surprising to no one, “The Da Vinci Code.” While all of these contained morally problematic messages (at least in the USCCBs opinion), none of them strike me as being intended for an audience of imbeciles.

But, even intellectualism can steer us in the wrong way – it was, after all, the desire for knowledge independent of God that led to Adam and Eve eating the apple.

I wouldn’t write off all O movies (I’ve seen several of those listed above, quite enjoyed “The Matrix” and didn’t think “Training Day” was terrible), but I do think we ought to consider what we hope to gain from watching a film, what message a film might be trying to convey and whether we want to hear that message or sponsor it by paying to see a film, and, perhaps, where the film goes astray and why some might be misled into they way of thinking encouraged by the film.

I’m not saying all O rated movies are unwatchable, just the vast majority. Without the sex, drugs, violence and swear words, most of them don’t even have a story line. Also, a lot of them are very disrespectful to Christian beliefs and values.

Most of these O movies cater to young adults, not adults, with moronic humor only a high school student could appreciate.

That said, I am sure there could be a few with an “adult” message.

Oops … I got a little off-topic in my last post and grossly oversimplified the Fall of Man. My point, however, is that even the desire to be (or appear) more intellectual can lead one astray.

I certainly agree that many movies out there are just plain stupid in addition to being morally offensive and insulting to Christianity. We recently made the mistake of renting “Dinner for Schmucks,” in which the only character who seemed to have any religious beliefs at all was a complete moron who didn’t even understand his own religion. They managed to make a movie with absolutely no redeeming qualities.

I take their reviews into consideration, but I use my own judgement when it comes to watching movies.

I dont keep up with them. Films are a secular media mostly and I prefer to use my own judgement or that of secular critics who point out things I look for whether a film is good or bad whereas a religious will only focus on the sex and violence and let theirbias effect the entore movie. I like the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse movies…Im lookimg for the violence and sexiness, and if the movie is made well…

For those of you who watch movies that the Catholic Bishops have deemed morally offensive, do you bow to any authority but your own? If the Pope asked you not to watch a particular film would you listen to him? If Jesus asked you not to watch a particular film would you listen to Him? You give scandal to others who read these posts. If you don’t obey your bishop why should any other Catholic. And yes I do know that the bishops are not the ones who analyze these films; they have lay people do the analysis and go on their recommendations. I don’t understand this “don’t tell me what to do” attitude that alot of people have especially when it involves the Church. I don’t believe in following just anybody blindly but the bishops have been given authority by Jesus to shepherd His people. So please think twice before you challenge the authority of the bishops. Maybe our world might become a little bit kinder if we stopped numbing our minds with the some of the garbage in those “O” rated films.

Here’s what’s written on the USCCB’s website:

CNS reviews and classifications are intended as a guide for parents – to aid them in choosing what is most appropriate for their children – and for adult viewers who wish to make informed decisions in accord with Catholic teaching.

The emphasis is mine, of course. I don’t think the reviews are meant to be binding. I think they’re more like recommendations.

I like a lot of movies, I am a movie buff… I know movies are entertainment, and I know where I stand in my beliefs. The L’Osservatore Romano even said Angels & Demons is “Harmless Entertainment” - But gave it an “L” Rating - But If it wasn’t for that movie, I am not sure I would have joined the Catholic Church (Long story… but it was the push to get me to look into RCIA)

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