Movies: recommendations for kids?

I'm always open to some variety among the programs my kids watch. Watching the same movie over and over can become tiresome to say the least. With that said, I'd like to start a "family movie" recommendations thread. Please share below:

  1. Any movies/shows you recently watched with your kids, and...
  2. Rate them based on how much your kids enjoyed them.

One movie I highly recommend is Open Season 3. My kids also love the first two, so watch those as well if you haven't already. Definitely one of those movies that both parents and kids can enjoy. 9/10

Since I watch few movies, and even fewer children’s movies, the best I can do is this: when I was 8 or 9, I watched with Mom the best thing I ever watched with her.

The Song of Bernadette

Okay, not exactly a children’s movie. But I say this:
[SIGN]Thank you, Mom![/SIGN]

I fell in love with our Lady that evening. (And Jennifer Jones, too, but that’s another story)

My daughter (3) is a fan of the older Disney classics. But she also like the original Wizard of Oz, which I only found out by her having seen the Muppet version of it.

She’s also just recently seen some of The Princess Bride. I did very much like that movie when I was younger and I enjoyed the book too so I might find the book for her also.

For older kids though, I am at a loss. A lot of movies now, I’m not sure I’d let my daughter watch. I often find myself going back and getting her movies that I watched when I was younger. Same with some television shows.

I will certainly watch this thread with great interest as I’m always looking for things that I can share with my family and know its okay to share it with them.

I recommend all the Disney movies. Be prepared to do just a little "damage control;" e.g., in the movie Pocahontas, there is a strong suggestion of "pagan religion." Just be prepared to talk quietly to the children and bring them back to the solid Christian principles (e.g., say, "God created such a beautiful world, didn't He?")

A few "hidden" gems in the Disney movie list--get the movie *The Three Lives of Thomasina. * This is a beautiful story about a cat, and there is a great deal of Christianity in this movie.

Also don't miss Pete's Dragon. This is a great movie that has beautiful music and teaches strong Christian values, especially the values of patience and faith.

The Rescuers is another often-overlooked movie from Disney. Bob Newhart and Eva Gabor do such a good job of voicing the two mice leads, and Genevieve Paige is, IMO, the most frightening Disney villainess ever.

Finally, Robin Hood is amazingly accurate in regards to English history, and the score is written by the incomparable Roger Miller--very singable!

One more--The Princess and the Frog is an incredibly good movie. I don't know why this didn't get the major publicity hype that so many other Disney princess movies get. Whoever wrote this movie did a lot of research into Louisiana history and culture, and the music is fantastic.

As for non-Disney movies and shows--

My girls grew up watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and now that they are 25 and 27, they both own the DVDs of the complete shows, and they sit and watch them whenever they get together. (They call it "DQ night.") Although the last seasons of this show were rather "liberal" with lots of the revisionist history about how white people stole the land from the Native Americans, it's still an awesome show. The first few seasons are delightful. Yes, there is the constant theme of "a woman can do things as well as a man," but I would not call this a feminist show at all because there are many excellent male characters in the show. The stories are so well-done, and the acting is good, too. I really recommend this show for families.

My girls both love The Princess Bride. I never cared for it, but they like it and so does my husband.

I still think the Star Wars franchise is good. Some Christians have a hard time with the "Force", but I think that with good parental guidance, most children will not be influenced negatively by this. Great heroic stories.

Another type of movie that both of my girls love is any of the Broadway musicals that have been made into films. My Fair Lady is especially pretty--the costumes won an Oscar. Also try Finian's Rainbow, Brigadoon, Hello Dolly, Gypsy (there are several versions, but I like the one with Rosalind Russell and Natalie Wood), and The *Phantom of the Opera * (this is fairly new and it's not as good as the Broadway show, but it's still good).

Try the new Bridge to Terabithia movie. I am proud to say that my favorite actor, Robert Patrick, who plays the father in this movie, was told by Katherine Paterson (the author of the book, Bridge to Terabithia) that he did the role exactly how she envisioned it. This movie is a tear-jerker--everyone in the theater was crying during Mr. Patrick's scene with his son at the end of the movie! Spoiler--

One of the lead characters, the girl child, dies tragically. This was so shocking when the book came out that many schools banned this book. The movie does the death in good taste, but still--for some younger children and even young teens, this plot development could be very disturbing and upsetting and cause nightmares and fears. So please use your own judgement and do what's best for your children.

National Velvet


I don't have kids so it's sometimes hard for me to know what's appropriate for kids because I don't always catch the little things that moms and dads would catch.

Having said that I just watched Tangled the other night, and it was a great movie. Also just saw The Princess and the Frog and thought it was a great story with a message.

I agree with one of the above posters about Star Wars -- great good vs. evil message.

I agree that most any of the Disney and/or Pixar films are pretty kid-friendly. Although, it definitely depends on the kid. One of our friends has a daughter who keeps getting nightmares after any Disney movie she watches (if you think about it, many of those movies do have some rather frightening characters and scenes: Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Princess and the Frog, etc.) Then I have a niece who can't watch anything where the kid gets separated from the parents (Ratatouille, Bambi, Finding Nemo, etc.).

Our daughter (age 4) has been fine so far, though she generally watches more PBS shows (Super Why!, Dinosaur Train, Word World). We don't watch too many movies with her so far. My wife took her to see Tangled, and she liked that one a lot

“The Sound of Music”, anyone? :thumbsup:

We just got Netflix and have been watching the Veggie Tale movies. She seems to like them and I don't see anything too wrong with them.

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