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I was flipping through the channel the other day and came across Larry King Live. On the show he had the ever controversial Bill Maher (i think i spelled his name correctly, it may be Mahar.)

During the interview the two of them talked about the new documentary that Bill Maher is producing. I believe the title of it is going to be “RELIG-I-DICULOUS”. As in Religion is Ridiculous.

I was just wondering if any of you saw the interview or have heard anything about this documentary? It is being released by Lions Gate which is a major company.

Bill Maher described it as a way to show how idiotic believers are. He also said he goes to the rock where Mohammad was “raised up” to heaven, the Vatican, the Wailing Wall, and Salt Lake City among other religious sites.

It will be done in a Michael Moore fashion of Mocking and a Satirical look.

Just wondering on your thoughts.

I don’t think too many people will take him or his mockumentary very seriously. I won’t waste any time worrying about it.


The less it is talked about the sooner it will disappear.


Hey, I know! How about we all pray for a great big conversion of good ol’ Bill Maher :slight_smile:

Bill won’t know what hit him!! :smiley:

(…running off to pray a decade for BM…)

Someone should make a documentary showing how idiotic Bill Maher is.

In my “liberal” years…thank Jesus for opening my eyes…I was quite the fan. Now I look at him and it really makes me sick to my tummy that I ever bought into any of his malformed ideas. As a matter of fact, there’s a thread posted somewhere here that asks what celebrity would you most like to see converted. He was the only one that came to mind.

Yesterday while flipping through cable (after the kids are asleep of course…lo is there some filth on these days :frowning: ) I came across the ad for his upcoming show. Then I immediately felt tears well up in my eyes because I imagined the sad truth about him…he just doesn’t believe. :frowning: This man has blasphlemed over and over again; like you and I breathe air. How will he be dealt with? Only Our Father can answer this I know. I will keep praying that someday he find himself sitting in a pew in Church praising God for his second chance.

Jesus I ask you to teach me to Be merciful. Keep me from practicing selective mercy upon my brothers and sisters.

I suppose I can rest easy to know that religion is still relevant, Maher still feels the need to bring it up.

This will be heavily promoted via word-of-mouth and the Internet. Sadly, I think he will find a large audience of the usual suspects.

The question is whether he will find a distributor with deep enough pockets to market to the mass public. Maher was pushed to the fringe after his 9/11 comments, so this may end up with just cult viewership.

Maher was raised Catholic (Catholic father/Jewish mother). He routinely bashed the Church as a “business” and ridicules her teachings. Each time he demonstrates his intellectual dishonesty, usually by battling strawmen of his own making. He’s bought into atheistic / agnostic worldviews and uses his TV pulpit to turn people away from God.

It’s sad how he misuses his gifts of humor and intellect.



You mean he’s a fallen brother? My, I thought this was going to be a lot harder…the job is halfway done then? Once a Catholic always a Catholic right? I wonder, do you think he receives much correspondence from our fellow brothers and sisters lamenting his actions?

Thank you so much for sharing this information. I will pray the rosary with his reversion in mind.

God Blesses us every moment of every hour of every day.

No, you spelled it wrong. It’s M-o-r-o-n.

All the fallen have buttons. You just gotta’ find them and push them. He’d be a tough nut to crack, though, because spite and venom are the major components of his façade.

He focuses on ridicule and being condescending. But sometimes the most wicked can make the biggest turn-around.

*But please don’t consider his rhetoric as humor or “satire” like most TV interviewers claim when they talk to him. It’s downright hatred. That aint’ funny!

As much as I despise his ignorant and damaging rhetoric, I’m willing to pray in hopes that his button will be pushed.


snicker :smiley:

That wasn’t charitable. :frowning:

When Bill M. is charitable to Catholics, I’ll be charitable to him.

Up until I caught that interview I had liked Bill Maher, though I have been a steady decline of respect for him since his 9/11 comments. In fact, it was “Politically Incorrect” that got me interested in politcis and debate. I think he’s come a long ways since then, and that long way would be downwards.

I heard somewhere that his sister is a nun, which makes it even worse to think of the pain that his sister must go through when she sees the things he says about the Church.

Oh, and this morning I caught another segement of the interview where he says he understands why the Iraqis are killing our troops. What a class act. :mad:

The best thing to do imo, would be to pay him no attention whatsoever. He thrives on the attention and will only become more well known the more attention he gets. :mad:

Click here for some information about Bill Maher’s movie Religulous. It supposed to come out in October. Maher is an atheist, and his movie is apparently very anti-Catholic. I know some atheists and they already know about the movie and can hardly wait to see it.

It sounds entertaining. It sounds like he’s an equal opportunity mocker, going after Scientologists, Orthodox Jews, Mormons, etc. Pretty much he hits the crazy spot of religious expression (like say Crucifixion re-enactments).

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