MOVIES: Repo Men

Has anyone else seen this movie? If not, I beg NOT to see this movie. It truly is one that is just disturbing to the core. It is very heartless. I really regret seeing this movie.

The trailers look dreadful. If ever there was a movie that didn’t need to be made. this has to be one of them. :nope:

You couldn’t be more right. I just wish I didn’t see this movie, and I hope no one else sees it. For anyone who wishes to see the movie review done from a catholic perspective, here is a link to it.

There is also another movie with a similar premise. Although, I must admit, I actually enjoyed it. The movie is called “Repo: A Genetic Opera.” As I stated, similar premise. Except Repo is a rock opera. A real one.

I think “Repo Men” should be a front-runner for the 2011 Razzie for “Worst Sequel, Remake, or Rip-Off” (with that film of course falling into the last category)

I’ certainly won’t see it- I thought the trailers looked awful. I always switch the channel when ever the trailer comes on. Definetly not my type of movie.

its looks incredibly stupid, and thats why i wont be seeing it. it looks like one of those typical story arc senseless films that will be on dvd 2 months after release.

it’s just a movie for teenagers and young adults:shrug:

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