MOVIES: Revolutionary Road - critical review with spoilers

Not really knowing what the movie was about (my mistake), my wife and I went to see this movie tonight. We were both extremely disappointed and my wife almost got physically sick. It was that bad.

There was blasphemy throughout, two overt sexual scenes, multiple adultery scenes and an abortion scene. One of the most immoral and despicable movies I’ve ever seen.

I’m sorry I paid the money for this.

The only, and I mean only redeeming part of the movie was the excellent acting by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

Meh, the plot was awesome, the acting was solid, but the movie all together…meh.

It was decent, but nothing special. Instead of this, if you want to see a good plot, see The Reader or Slumdog, if you want to see something with really good acting, see Doubt, or Milk. All are better than RR.

Well, I’m going to see it today, so could you let me know what it’s about? The synopsis was a little vague, but everyone I know loved it.

Pro-tip: If a movie includes sex, it’s a good idea to get up and leave the theatre. Otherwise, you’re causing scandal.

Let’s see. Which is worse, sex scenes or seeing a child’s eye removed with a spoon? Which is worse, sex scenes or seeing a young man hanging by his wrists and tortured with electricity by police? I’m glad all those people so happily dancing at the end of Slumdog seem to accept child abuse and torture with such joy! Revolutionary Road’s message is old fashioned religion that sin causes death; Slumdog’s doesn’t have a message.

Personally, I didn’t think that was the message of RR at all. The deep message I took away (outside of the immoral conduct of the main characters) was that we have an idea of what makes us happy, but that changes over time and we shouldn’t be fearful of re-evaluating and acting upon the changes that come.

This message could have been presented nicely without the adultery and abortion scenes, on top of the graphic sexual scenes. I was more bothered by the adultery and abortion scenes myself. I think everyone takes away something different from a book or a movie or any other art form. And I don’t think I’ll be seeing Slumdog.

I’ve given my review. You can find synopsis at various sites on the internet. There’s a Christian review site that I can’t think of right now. Just do a web search. Well, if you like to see sex, adultery and abortion scenes, then yes I guess a person would love it.

That’s your opinion. The sex scenes weren’t nearly as bothersome as the abortion scene. I didn’t get lustful watching the sex scenes. I was disturbed by the whole movie and thought (mistakenly) that something redeeming would happen by the end of the movie. It didn’t. I think you’re being scrupulous about causing scandal.

Moviegoers are flocking to see their favorite stars from Titanic , Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, reunited on the silver screen. But what the Oscar-nominated film Revolutionary Road serves up—and certainly what the critics are eating up—is rank, vile narcissism at its epic worst.

The central stars, Frank and April Wheeler, are steeped in pride to an almost unbelievable degree. This suburban couple from 1955 have it firmly in their heads that they’re “special” and “different.” Because they have dreams of doing something really “wonderful,” they reason that they’re better than all those drones around them who are satisfied with their quiet lives.

(source) to read the entire article discussing narcissism as virtue.

You can read about the film on Wikipedia

Woe to those who depict good as evil and evil as good.

Just because a Movie potrays something doesn’t mean that a movie agrees with it. I don’t think in anyway the movie was saying that what those people were doing to young children was okay… Or that torturing Jamal was okay.

But the thing is these things happen in the world, and many of us are blind to it. Maybe presenting it to us will get us thinking more about helping exploited children.

I just got around to watching this and Im not quite sure I understand the negative criticism… the review shows a lack of understanding of the author. It is clear in the movie, and probably the point of the movie, that all their “issues” are a very bad, bad thing. The reviewer must have completely missed it.

Yep, you are right. And the same is the case with this movie, RR… the movie is NOT supporting, condoning, or saying that the contents within it are good in any way, otherwise the characters would not have all been in such dark places at the end.

I didn’t see the movie BUT they filmed it near me - and my husband, who takes the train to work, passed by the actors at a certain filming location every day for a couple weeks :slight_smile:

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