I found this bio of the late, great Formula 1 race car driver to be fascinating. Senna was a great sportsman and lead a fascinating life. He really seemed to believe in God as well.

Didn’t Senna qualify for Best Documentary Oscar nomination this year, IIRC?

No review by Catholic Bishops Conference.
No review by Decent Films.

There are oh-so-many decent films being overlooked by these two. :shrug:

I watched this the other night and it’s absolutely fantastic! I have next to no knowledge of or enthusiasm for motor racing, but the documentary is accessible to almost everybody (apparently the director had no prior interest in F1 aswell). The scenes when you are actually in the car with Senna are absolutely terrifying, but aside from all the spectacle there is a truly profound philosophical and spiritual message underlined throughout.

Even if you have to travel quite a distance to see it you truly won’t regret it!

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