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I never watched the show and I won’t watch the movie. Just the title says enough that I want to know. Furthermore, I don’t know how a Catholic can justify watching it, however that may be a little judgmental of me to say that as there are shows that I watch that other Catholics may find offensive.

What does everyone think?

I’m a man. You couldn’t pay me a milion dollars to see that movie.

I think my wife put it best after watching two or three of the “toned down” shows that run on network TV. She said, “They’re a bunch of ho-bags.” Don’t bother with that trash.


The ONLY situation in which I would advocate watching shows like this:

When my brother’s kids were teens, they were hooked on “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Melrose Place.” I would sometimes watch those shows to see what was going on in the kids’ worlds; to see what they were watching and be able to talk to them about it.

I was by no means a steady viewer, but seeing a few shows and getting to know a few of the characters’ names helped me to be closer to my nieces and nephew.

If I had children today, they would not be allowed to watch “Sex in the City” (either on TV or the movie), but I’m sure they would somehow find a way to see it. So, it’s good to know what’s going on out there, although there’s no way I’d advocate wasting money on seeing the movie.

Ditto. I’ve heard enough about the show to wonder why anyone would want to watch a group of women behave like sleazy tramps. I’ll never understand the interest in watching such trash. Apparently, though, interest was/is still very high. Sad commentary on our culture.

All I have seen is the toned down episodes on network television. I watch it on occasion because I have friends who love the show and wanted to get a feel for what kinds of messages are being sent.

The most dangerous message I see is that the “innocent girl,” Charlotte, is pretty nearly as bad as the rest of them. It sets up a very low standard for what a nice, innocent girl is, which can lead girls who watch the show to justify all sorts of behavior.

You know what’s really sad? There are so many of us who would enjoy watching a show such as one that would be entitled No Sex in the City,” or Prayer in the City,” yet if someone presented such a script to the powers that be in Hollywood, they would turn it down quicker than a heartbeat.

Pray that the Lord give Hollywood a good Catholic screenwriter who is also rich enough to produce on his or her own a good and moral program which would be so successful that it would change the minds (even if not also the hearts) of the present Hollywood bigwigs.

Isn’t it sad that prayer doesn’t sell??

All of my coworkers love this show and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law do too. It bothers me tremendously that something like that is what people resort to for entertainment. I think my priest put it best when he said “And there’s that show I keep hearing about, Sex in the City…I’ve never seen it, don’t plan on seeing it, and I should think that none of you would want to see it either!” He said that to our old RCIA group one time.

I think a comedian I heard once put it best…

“So it’s about three hookers and their mom?” lmao I’ve seen it, and it really is…

to my chagrin, I have watched a few episodes in the past, and determined that the show depicts women to be desperate, nymphos sitting around waiting for a man (any man will do–as depicted in the show) to have sex with them…and alas–these women claim to be in control of their destiny.:rolleyes:

I think that the actresses, fashion, the glam of it is what caused that series to soar–because really, when you peel away the layers of that onion, all you have is a sad sad commentary of what society actually thinks women should be. Authentic feminity is mirroring Mary, not exploiting one’s self with no shame.

:clapping: Beautifully put.

There’s just something gross about the show which, I’ve never watched and also don’t want to. It reveals the mainstream obsession with wanton sexual acts and plain stupidity. I don’t know how Sex and the City can be so popuar amongst women. They are just depicted as objects who brainlessly jump from relationship to relationship. I want to see a show that respects women-classy women!


Watched it.

Enjoyed it. :smiley:

It’s just a movie celebrating women’s relationships with women. I enjoyed the fact that the women had ups and downs and yet remained a tight circle. Their problems were real. Their clothing choices (IMO) were not. Seeing women over 40 aging gracefully, getting married and having babies was wonderful. And you know what else? I know there was sex in there somewhere, but I don’t remember those scenes. But I do remember how great it was to see women supporting women. :thumbsup:

And no - it is not a sin to watch this movie.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has an office for Film & Broadcasting that reviews and rates movies to help Catholics be well-informed when deciding to see a film. They rated the SATC movie “O”, which means morally offensive**.

Perhaps, once you wade through the gratuitous sexual dialogue and activity, you can find a shred of a good message about women supporting other women, but as many others have posted on here, how can you justify watching the movie at all? I’m sure there are several movies that have “women supporting one another” as a central theme, and are appealing to our Catholic morals.

Originally Posted by **whatevergirl **
I think that the actresses, fashion, the glam of it is what caused that series to soar–because really, when you peel away the layers of that onion, all you have is a sad sad commentary of what society actually thinks women should be. Authentic feminity is mirroring Mary, not exploiting one’s self with no shame.

Exactly. When the women in the movie aren’t an example of who we should be striving to be, why would we waste our time? We’re only buying into society’s delusions about femininity, and supporting trash in the process.

As “relapsed Catholic” and humorist PJ O’Rourke said on NPR’s Wait-wait don’t tell me

*"*Sex and the City movie goers fall into three categories; 85% being women, 10% gay men, and the remaining 5% are straight men who are paying for really messing up with their girlfriends or wives"

I’m surprised this U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website really isn’t mentioned more often.

I know some Catholic groups have complained that their reviews are too lenient, like the one for Brokeback Mountain (I’m not sure why; they also give it an “O”, which is Morally Offensive; I didn’t read the review), but I’ve read some of their reviews for some movies, and I thought, on the whole they were better than this other site that seems to be talked about more often.

(I thought the USCCB’s review of the film Cinderella Man was more informative, though not the greatest (in the movie the Holy Name of Jesus is profaned over and over and over, and neither review mentions that fact; if I had known that, I wouldn’t have seen it).

Anyway, here’s the website and the review of this film (I really just discovered this site today, although these movie reviews do appear piecemeal in the Michigan Catholic weekly:

The Catholic Church in the U.S. is definitely interested in movies.

There are reviews for about 7,000 films.

I’m just surprised I don’t hear about this interest the U.S. Church has or this Catholic resource more often.

I watched it, I liked it, and now that I have very recently returned to practicing my faith I feel guilty over seeing it.:blush:

I strongly dislike most of what Hollywood produces, so I guess this show, which I’ve never watched, is included. The title itself sounds disgraceful.:frowning:

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