MOVIES: "Silent Hill" *may contain spoilers*

I watched it today for the third time. Has anyone watched it? It has a fantastic storyline.

Anyways, I was thinking about what the whole meaning of the movie is. It was confusing the first time I watched it, the third time, I sorta got it.

Here’s what I’d like to point out:

*Rose, Cybil (cop), and Sharon, die driving towards Silent Hill. Silent Hill is like purgatory and they wake up in there.

*Rose and Sharon go to heaven at the end of the movie when they were in the car driving home, Rose said “we’re coming home”. Chris (dad) feels their presence when they come home, not physically, because they are dead.

*Rose and Cybil were unable to leave purgatory at first because they had unfinished business.

*The church represented people that don’t follow truth. Truth was revealed when Rose went to go look for Sharon, she entered a white room. Sharon was truth.

*Sharon (truth) came from a Catholic orphanage.

*Could mean that Catholics held truth.

*One of the church cult members say, before Rose goes to find Sharon, “take this (hands her a flashlight), they will be drawn to Light, but you can’t see without it.”

*The church cult had partial truths, not whole truth, it did not accept Sharon, who IS truth.

*The monsters only went for people that were living in darkness, one of them, not people living with light.

That’s all. I don’t know, I just think that this movie is really good to watch and teaches good moral for me.

The moral to me is, “Live your life in light. Evil will be drawn to it, but you cannot see without it.”

What do you guys think about the movie?

Rose and Sharon don’t die on the way to Silent Hill.

Have you played any of the games? The movie won’t make a lot of sense unless you have!

Why did the female cop get barbecued and why was the girl having these intense visions about the place before her mother took her there? The special effects were very good and it did have a creepy undertone, but it was unnecessarily gratuitous (ex., the climatic scene in which the bedridden girl cuts apart the fanatics with the barbed wire) and the plot was a mess. I appreciate your attempt to bring forth “water from a stone” but in truth, I’d be very surprised if the writers of this one had any theological intentions whatsoever.

The ghost town in Silent Hill was filmed in my hometown:

Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

The rest of the city is fantastic, but the downtown is a pathetic.

As I said before, play the games and you’ll understand the reason for a lot of what happened in the movie! :smiley:

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